It’s the battle of the best pressure wash pumps in the market. Ar pump vs cat pump– which one do you think is the best?

Before answering this question, We’d like to say that both of these pumps are the best in the business. In fact, both of them are known for high-quality performance and durability.

But, if you’re someone who’s new into this and want to select a better pump for you, there are some things you need to know.

AR Pump VS Cat Pump

First of all, there are certain factors that one pump performs better than the other. Well, you’re in luck as we’ve compiled everything about these two pumps in this article.

Moreover, we’ve even tried to bring out their best features and some cons. These factors will help you distinguish both of them. In the end, we’ve also given our opinion on this matter.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Features OF AR Pump

The ar pump or Annovi Reverberi pump works well on a gas engine pressure washer. This pressure washer pump also has a hollow connection system. As a result, it can mount on the engine shaft using this system.

Besides, the seal system of the pump ensures that the pump has both high and low-pressure seals in it. There are tons of other features that make this pump stand out. So, let’s take a look:

  • Our Recommended AR Pump: Annovi Reverberi 2.5 GPM Plunger Horizontal Pump (Link from Amazon)

1. Standard Configuration

The configuration is simple yet maintains a good standard. The AR pump has a connection that can accommodate 7/8″ diameter shaft gas engines. The convenient connection is established due to the mounting flange of the pump.

2. Built-in Pressure Valve & Injection System

The ar pump has a pressure valve inside of it. This was provided by the manufacturers and you can control the pressure of the pump with it. Hence, it’s easy to control the pressure using this valve.

On the other hand, there is also an injection system that is built-in inside the pump. But, you may ask what the injection system is.

Well, the system is a downward chemical injection system. And with this system, the chemicals flow downward for cleaning.

3. Pressure Seals

There are two types of pressure seals in the ar pump. One of them is high-pressure and the other is a low-pressure seal.

These seals make sure that no leakage is forming inside or outside the pump. At times, water or oil leaks in the pump which makes the pressure washer pump oil milky. So, it’s essential that no leakage forms in it.

4. Other Features

You thought we’re finished with the features, didn’t you? But, there are other features that you should know. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Cleaning units can couple to various motors due to the 3-piston alternating pumps.
  • Different connections of delivery are available.
  • It has a detergent suction system.
  • The body of the integral valve is made of aluminum. And the alloy pistons are driven by a mechanism of the swashplate.
  • 2 bearing systems support the pistons and pump shaft.
  • The pistons are hardened in a double gasket sealing system. The system also contains the steel pump head.
  • The intake valve is fitted on top of the pistons. As a result, this gives great efficiency.

Features OF CAT Pump

Cat pumps are the best when it comes to high-quality and performance. In fact, this industrial pump has been around for more than 40 years. Throughout these years, people have loved it for its durability and reliability. So, let’s look at some features of this pump:

  • Our Recommended CAT Pump: CAT Pressure Washer Pump (Link from Amazon)

1. Smooth Flow of Liquid

The design of the pump ensures that it has a smooth flow of liquid. The pump has a plunger design that makes the liquid flow pleasant. Also, the pump has a polished and durable surface.

2. Long-Lasting Seals

Well, you know how important seals are in a pump. If your pump has a worn-out seal, it’ll cause leakage to happen. This leakage causes further problems in the future as well.

But, don’t worry, the cat pumps have extended life for the seals and they never wear out. So, how do they have long-lasting seals?

The seal life is great due to the polished ceramic plungers of the pump. Not only do these plungers provide extended seal life but they also provide a solid wear surface.

3. Easy Flange Mounts

Yes, you heard me right, the compact flange mounts get permitted easily in the cat pumps. This is a great advantage that puts it ahead of its competitors.

In case you didn’t know what flange mounts do. Well, they mount directly towards gas engines. Having an easy permit of the flange mount means that cat pumps direct to most engines.

4. Fixed Chemical Injection System

The built-in chemical injection system is fixed in the cat pump. As a result, it provides a flexible cleaning experience.

5. Easy Installation

Worried about the installation of a gas engine? Well, you shouldn’t worry about this pump as it comes with easy installation.

Moreover, the pump is designed in such a way that it’ll bolt in the gas engine drive directly. As a result, you won’t have to face many problems in the installation process.

6. Other Features

There are some more features that you should know. They are:

  • It has excellent suction capability due to the inlet valves and ceramic plungers.
  • You don’t need any pulley or gearbox as the pump directly mounts to the gas engines.
  • The unloader mounts to other pumps and this ensures the pressure and pump control.
  • Multiple porting is available.

Things To Consider

There are various things that come in mind when you’re purchasing a pump for yourself. Also, if you’re looking to save some money, it’s essential to know what things you’ll have to buy with the pump.

On the other hand, this will give you an idea of which pump makes you spend more than the other. So, let’s look at what you’ll need to buy with the pumps:

Cat Pump Accessories

It’s important that you keep in mind what accessories you’re going to buy with the pump. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need:

  • Relief Valves (Link from Amazon)
  • Pop-off Valves (Link from Amazon)
  • Pulsation Dampeners (Link from Amazon)
  • Valve Plug Adapters (Link from Amazon)
  • Lubrication (Link from Amazon)
  • Oil Level Indicators (Link from Amazon)
  • Inlet Regulators (Link from Amazon)
  • Inlet Filters (Link from Amazon)
  • Pressure Regulators (Link from Amazon)
  • Pressure Gauges (Link from Amazon)

Ar Pump Accessories

Let’s look at what you’ll need with the pump:

  • Crankcase Oil (Link from Amazon)
  • Pump Saver (Link from Amazon)
  • Inlet King Nipples (Link from Amazon)
  • Rail Kits (Link from Amazon)
  • Electric Clutches (Link from Amazon)
  • Flanges/Couplings (Link from Amazon)
  • Jetter Valves (Link from Amazon)
  • Check Valves (Link from Amazon)

Pros & Cons OF Both The Pumps

So, by now, you’ll know both the features of these two pumps. Moreover, you’ve even seen the accessories that you’ll have to buy with the product.

Well, how can you differentiate the two? If you can manage to look at the pros and cons of both the products, you can differentiate them. Let’s begin.

AR Pumps

The vertical pressure washer pump has some pros and cons, let’s take a look at them:

  • We Recommended: Annovi Reverberi 2.5 GPM Plunger Horizontal Pump (Link from Amazon)
  • It’s compatible with most pressure washers.
  • The tempered steel pistons make sure that this pump goes on for years.
  • It has an aluminum body that doesn’t rust.
  • It can go up to 2.2GPM of max water flow.
  • Small and lightweight.
  • Sudden pressure buildup on the motor.
  • Runs at a high speed and doesn’t cool easily.
  • Cylinder Seals wear off quickly.
  • Rotating mass causes excess vibration.

Cat Pumps

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this horizontal pressure washer pump:

  • We Recommended: CAT Pressure Washer Pump (Link from Amazon)
  • It’s used in most pressure washers. But it works well on the ones with 3000PSI and above.
  • Great Efficiency
  • Doesn’t have leaks at all.
  • Seals go on for many years.
  • Excellent pressure control.
  • Doesn’t overheat easily.
  • Operates at a low speed.
  • Great operating life.
  • It’s a bit expensive

Our Opinion

By now, we’ve discussed almost everything related to this matter. Starting from the features to the pros and cons, we’ve tried to give you an idea about the two pumps.

So, what’s the best pressure washer pump?

Well, honestly both the pumps are great. But, if you ask us to choose only one out of the two, we’ll go with the Cat pump.

Starting from great features to limited accessories, the cat pump has a variety of usage. It’s compatible with most pressure washers and can give a smooth flow of liquid.

Moreover, the most important factor is the life of the seals. The seals play a major role in the durability and reliability of the pumps. In fact, if the seals wear away quickly, it’ll cause a lot of leakage to the pump.

Turns out, the life of the seals isn’t great in the ar pump. So, if you want a better pump, you’ll have to select the cat pump.

By using the cat pump, you’ll not have to worry about the leakage of any water or oil in your pump. Hence, you can use different roof cleaner in your pumps for cleaning purposes. You can do these works without the risk of any leakage.

Even though the cat pump is a bit costly, the features and advantages will make it up for you.


Well, that’s been it. We’ve tried to provide everything related to both the cat and ar pumps in this article.

So yes, there’s a clear winner in this ar pump vs cat pump. In the end, we’d like to say that both these pumps are great. And, if you want to change your mind then go through the article again. Good Luck.