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how to stain alder wood

How To Stain Alder Wood 2020

Wood in its natural state is a breathtaking beauty. For any wood lover, the sight of raw wood can be a delight. However, raw wood can’t always match the other colors and tones in our home. Adding stain to raw wood can change the color and highlight the natural lines of wood. As all wood […]

Shingle to metal roof transition

Shingle To Metal Roof Transition 2020

Has the shingle roof your house become old and needs repairing? Shingle roofs are quite affordable and versatile but the problem is they don’t last that long. So, what can you do? Should you replace the shingles? The answer is don’t replace them when there’s a better option. Metal roofs are a great substitute. They […]

repair concrete rainwater tank

How To Repair Concrete Rainwater Tank 2020

If you wish to repair concrete rainwater tank of yours, it can be a huge hassle for you. However, you can’t just replace the concrete tank like a plastic tank. As a matter of fact, it might be regular to you if you own an old concrete water tank. You might ask, “How should I […]

repair water damaged cabinet door

How To Repair Water Damaged Cabinet Doors 2020

Your cabinets are one of the most essential parts of your kitchen. They give you a lot of storage to hide your stuff and make your kitchen look more decorative. And if your cabinet door is damaged somehow, well the kitchen decoration will look bad. Also, this extra damage might cause frustration for you. So, […]

Enclosing A Metal Carport With Wood

Enclosing A Metal Carport With Wood 2020

We can all agree that metal carports are great for storing a vehicle or other equipment. You can even use these as barns, animal shelters, or your very own workshop. But you can’t really use them in times of rain or other weather conditions, right? Well, don’t worry at all. We’ll show you the method […]