Roofs are expensive. It could cost you $18000- $36000 or more, and that is lots of money. But it entirely depends on what materials you are going to use. However, once you made this kind of investment you want to protect it for as long as possible.

roof maintenance tips

Take care of your roof is essential in order to maintain a good shape. And roof maintenance tips are beneficial in this case. If you follow some excellent suggestions, the possibility is the roof will stay in good condition and do not require any premature replacement.

Roof Maintenance Tips

Your home roof may be brand new or not you can keep it best possible shape for years after years. So, here are some easy-to-follow roof maintenance tips to follow.

1. Check the Shingles Regularly

Check the roof as often s possible, especially after high winds or heavy storms. You don’t always need to climb up on the room and check the shingles regularly. Beside of that take a pair of binocular and inspect the roof. So, what would you look for during check? Here it is

  • Curling shingles
  • Cracked shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Peeling flashing
  • Missing granules

If you find any of the above, you should consult with a professional roofing contractor. He would suggest you necessary replacement or repairment to solve the matter.

2. Get a Professional Roof Inspection

Done a roof inspection once in two years, even your room seems good from outside. It’s more good for a roof that is older than five years. New homeowners can also ask for professional help from a roof expert if they want.

This might cost you a little bit of money but worth it because random repair and replacement are good for temporary problem-solving. But expert suggestion could solve your problems permanently.

Roof inspection cost could vary state to state. But usually its form $250-$650. We think its lower than many repairment bills sometimes. To find a reputable inspector near your area use The American Society of Home Inspectors and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors keyword to search on the internet.

They don’t recommend their own recommended repairs but ensure you receive an honest opening on the present roof condition and receive a fair price on any work you want to do.

3. Wash Your Roof

After passing a particular time a new roof also start to look dirty, moss, algae or even weeds are beginning to grow on the surface. These may not cause damage at an early stage, but over time they cause shingles.

So, it’s better to clean your roof from time to time. Also, you can apply a 50% mix of water and bleach by spraying it all over the ceiling or where the plant-like critters are growing.

Also, you can install copper strips under the peak of the roof. The copper molecules will steam down the roos after rains and kill the algae and prevent them grow back again. 

4. Look for Leaks in the Attic & Ceilings

A good sign of an unhealthy roof is water stains on ceilings or attics. Find if there any stains are visible on your limit too. Its a sign of water damage to head off any particular issues. The standard warning signs of water leakage are-

  • Water stains on exterior walls
  • Spots on your celling
  • The musty odor is rooms

5. Look for Bulging Patches on Interior Walls

If you find one, tow or all signs from the above checklist find the leak and call a professional for help. He will inspect the condition and suggest to patch up holes in the roof.

You can patch up leakage by yourself too. There are lots of DIY repair methods to utilize the things.

6. Clean Your Gutters

You need to clean the gutter whenever its full. Though gutter cleaning is a dirty job. But still, it’s an important thing to do, and you can’t deny. Clean gutter let the water escape from the roof.

So, unnecessary water stains or water storage can be prevented. So, you better add the gutter cleaning in your To-do checklist.

7. Trim Any Overhanging Branches

If any trees are near your roof and have spreading branches on it, its time to trim them. Having tree brunches over rooftops are risky. Because it could break or fall on it during high wind, storm or aging. And that will ultimately cost you high.

Also, leaves are falling on the room if there is one and that potentially cause blockage, build algae over time and start to root the roof.

8. Patch Up Your Chimney

If you have a chimney on the roof, check that out while inspecting the roof.  Over time. The company structure could start falling out which can also damage the roof surface near it. As the damage grow older, your chmney can collapse. Its a dangerous risk for your entire home and family members.

So, if you find any crack on the chimney or around it, call a professional. Or if you have enough experience on pathing, you can do it yourself either patch up any mortar cracks or break out the tower.

If you are working by yourself always remember to use a safety harness, non-slip boots, gloves, and other safety gears. Also, use a spotter when you are working on a ladder. Ask for help from a friend or a family member who has at least first knowledge to work on construction/repair or cleaning roof/chimney.

Final thoughts

So, we will suggest buying a good pair of binoculars with the ladder to check your roofing. You will need them to look after the entire roof for years to come. Just try to follow the roof maintenance tips discussed here as much as possible. If there is no significant creak or breakage, your single roof cleaning every six months is enough to maintain the shape of the room. So, keep out some extra time check from your schedule once in a month to and take good care of your roof regularly.

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