With much advancement in the field of science, everything has been manufactured which can ease daily works. In the field of lawn care, working with lawn tractors has become a common thing. 

With this advancement now you do not need to move the heavy things or trash manually. All you need is to attach a dump cart behind your lawn tractor and move every type of heavy equipment, wood, or any other heavy materials wherever you need.

Best Dump Carts for Lawn Tractors

Dump carts have become an important part of lawn tools especially if you really love quietly maintained lawn. Not only for landscapers but for avid gardeners and new homeowners, the dump carts are a huge breakthrough to move heavy things across the yard.

The best thing about the dump cart is its small size with small wheels but can move heavy loads easily.

If you really want a dump cart for a lawn tractor, then you are in the right place. Here we have reviewed some best products of dump carts according to previous buyers’ reviews. 

We hope that you will enjoy the information provided by us to choose the best one for you.

How To Choose The Best Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor?

You do not need to worry about selecting the best dump cart for a lawn tractor as you just need to consider some factors and your lawn size. These are some factors which you should keep in mind while deciding the dump carats.

Material Used

Material is the most important factor to be considered in choosing the best cart. Firstly you should keep in mind one type of plastic or metal. Most people think that metal carts will be better and more durable but it’s wrong thinking. 

Because plastic carts are made of high quality so they are more durable than others. The plastic one will not be affected by environmental factors like rust and corrosion. 

The bad thing about plastic carts is that they can withstand just the weight up to 1000 pounds. 

If you have to load heavier than 1000 pounds then you should consider the metal carts because they are more impactful and heavier. But during choosing the metal one always tries to choose the one having powder coating which will be effective to retard the rust and corrosion. 

Because the cart has a waterproof rating, it will be an assurance of its good material and longer life.

Mobility of the Cart

Whenever we talk about the mobility of something, tires come first because they are the most important thing in mobility. The material, size, and tread of the tire is the main thing to check while considering tires.

You should look for the cart having bigger tires because the cart with bigger tires will be more stable and can lift more weight. With the big tires, it is easy for the cart to move on difficult terrains.

Here another thing to consider is the hitch and frame of the carts. Always go for the carts that leave the room for swiveling. The cart that can swivel easily is easy to drive. 

But keep in mind that the cart that can swivel is not easy to back up.

But it all matters on the terms and conditions.

Top 9 best dump cart for lawn tractor – Buyer’s Guide

1. MotoAlliance Impact Implements ATV/UTV Heavy Duty Utility Cargo Trailer- 1500lb Capacity

MotoAllicance Cargo Trailer Review
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If you are searching for a bigger dump cart that has maximum loading capacity then this is the cart that can fulfill your needs.

This was the first cart trailer introduced by the company around 2015 and it has proven its good work till nowadays. Impact implements are the brand line of the major parent company named as MotoAlliance. 

Key features of MotoAlliance Impact Implements ATV/UTV Trailer.

✪ The load capacity is 1500 lbs with a bed size of 15 cubic ft.

✪ Removable side meshes make the loading-unloading easy

✪ Weight of cart is just 120 lbs

✪ Dimensions: Tub: 50″ (L) x 28.75″ (W) x 8.6″ (D)

✪ Two 4-ply pneumatic tires

✪ 12” ground clearance

✪ Quick-release latch and tilt trailer bed

This company has a good reputation for manufacturing outdoor vehicles.  It is still the best choice for most people who know the working of carts to move the logs, soils, and debris.

To overcome the problem of moving heavy objects the Heavy Duty Cargo Trailer is the best choice. It has the ability to carry 1500 pounds which is an ideal figure for all the dragging tasks. 

The quality of the tub is also very impressive as it is made up of high-impact polyethylene that will not rust, dent, or corrode. The structure is designed in such a way that it can withstand several hit accidents without getting any breakage due to its material quality.

The best thing in this cart is the addition of the tipper hook to easily do the loading and unloading. The side mesh side rails can be removed to load and unload an object easily. The size of the tub is widened one having the ability to acquire more material than any other carts on the list.

This product comes with a ground clearance of 12” which is a good one for working on uneven surfaces with the best quality 4-ply pneumatic tires.

The other best thing about this product is that you can tow this cart trailer with your mower while moving across the lawn.

2. Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides, 400-lbs. Capacity

Gorilla Carts GOR400 Review
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Gorilla carts have their name among the lawn maintenance equipment in every household. This company operates in other industries but they started manufacturing dump carts. But now they have been producing the gorilla carts for more than 20 years. GOR400-COM is a high-quality garden cart but a bit smaller tub size than GOR866D but of similar quality. 

Key points of Gorilla carts GOR400-COM steel garden cart

✪ Durable 34-inch x 18-inch steel mesh bed 

✪ 10-inch pneumatic tires

✪ New frame design allows for quick and easy assembly

✪ Removable steel mesh sides 

✪ The padded pull handle makes it easy to pull up to 400-pounds

This Gorilla cart product is made of steel frame features with a premium quality 34” x 18″ steel mesh bed. The steel used in the frame is of high quality which ensures the long life of the cart. It is totally assigned by keeping in mind all the possible needs of the users. The frame will not rust because it is coated efficiently with powder. 

The steel body is strapping and well built in a lightweight easy to maneuver so that GOR400-COM could move freely by the user. Another feature of this product that makes it superior among others is its removable mesh sides. This removable side mesh makes the trailer lighter with more space in case of moving larger items.

This model GOR400-COM of Gorilla Carts has a capacity of up to 400 pounds which is good enough when you will compare it with other carts of this size. The manufactures give many other good features in this product to compensate for the low capacity feature that will drag your attention to buy this product. Apart from the removable sides of the cart, the paddled pull handle is a better addition to help you to easily maneuver and pulling. All of these features make this Gorilla Cart GOR400-COM a more versatile dump cart than other carts in the market.

3. Polar Trailer 8233 HD – Heavy Duty Utility and Hauling Cart

Polar Trailer Cart Review
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Poly dump carts are an impressive brand that is great to work with dump carts. When you will start considering just polar dump carts the list will be very long and the list would not be complete without the best one on your list. Polar Trailer 8233 is considered to be superior to others due to its unignored features.

Key features of Polar trailer 8233 HD Cart

✪ High-quality polyethylene body

✪ The load capacity of 1500 lbs 

✪ Weighs 127 pounds

✪ Load size of 22 cubic feet

✪ Quick-release tipper latch

✪ Original Tilt and Pivot Frame

✪ Rugged wide-track rubber tires

Polar trailer is a subsidiary of Clam Outdoors – which is a company that manufactures the equipment and accessories related to ice fishing. Polar trailers are acquired by this company to manufacture dump carts and other products related to lawn care. Now if you think that the parent company is specialized in ice fishing so there will be a lack of functionality and efficiency in their polar carts then you are wrong. 

This Hd 1500 cart is made of premium quality of poly which is built to last, a tabular frame technology that is far superior in its working than the other sheet metal frame competitors.

This product is featured with quick release tipper latch with a tilt and pivot frame and an extra thick polyethylene body. The walls and gunnels can stand the hits by hauling rock, gear, firewood, and any other hits to some level. 

It is completely manufactured for off-roading with the bigger sized tires that makes it unique in the feature of ground clearance, tilt, and swivel. You can say that it is more versatile than the competitors of the same class.

Clam Outdoors is well known for producing high-quality products so you can not surprised that Polar Trailers that is its subsidiary brand will also manufacture high-quality carts to keep the good name of the company.

The sturdy tub made of polyethylene is supported on the high gauge steel frame which will also ensure the high quality and longevity of the product. The product is designed in such a way to swivel to make the unloading much easier.

It is a consumer-grade dump cart product that is unique in its quality. The Polar 8233 is built using premium quality materials so it can easily load 1500 pounds maximum weight on it. The unloading is quite easy due to the long latch with it. 

4. Agri-Fab 45-0101 750-Pound Max Utility Tow Behind Dump Cart

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Agri-Fab is known for manufacturing agricultural equipment for decades and is well experienced in designing heavy machinery and equipment related to outdoor work. In the past few years, they have started to manufacture outdoor equipment that is specifically used in lawn care and maintenance. The company earned a good name by delivering heavy-duty equipment that is built to last and do premium quality work.

Key points of Agri-Fab 45-0101 Dump Cart

✪ 3 Year Limited Consumer Warranty

✪ Made in the USA with some imported components

✪ Pallet Quantity: 10

✪ Steel bed with scratch-resistant 

✪ Powder-coat paint finish 

✪ The load capacity of 750-pounds

✪ Bed size: 32.5″W x 49″L x 12″ H

✪ 16-inch x 4-inch pneumatic tires

✪ Wheel bearings feature grease zerks 

The thing that is rolling out this Agri-Fab product is its excellent quality and value for money. This product Agri-Fab 45-0101 is built to withstand the light hits by anything. The high impact of steel used in its manufacturing makes sure that it does not break or bends. 

The strong steel body frame is equipped with a premium quality steel tub which is best enough to carry heavy loads. The high-quality frame underneath the tub supports the heavy load’s movement to make its life longer.

The cart is built to carry loads of up to a maximum of 750 pounds of weight. You can carry the woods, gravel, lawn maintenance equipment, or manure in it to longer distances. The steel frame makes sure that if you are about to get the manure or gravel then you do not need to worry about leakage from it. The only downside of this cart is that it can not swivel so you will need to do some extra work in unloading.

5. LUCKYERMORE Garden Dump Utility Wagon Cart- Sturdy Plastic Yard Lawn Cart

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LUCKYERMORE manufactured this compact garden dump cart that is a great one for use in gardens. It looks smaller than others but does not let it fool you by small size because it will carry more weight than others of similar size. The manufactures of this dumpcart, LUCKYERMORE have added some quality features in this cart designing to make it more efficient in working and improving its functionality.

Key points of LUCKYERMORE Garden Dump Utility Wagon Cart

✪ Patented quick-release dumping system

✪ Wide wheelbase pneumatic tires help to handle any terrain whether you’re hauling heavy dirt, mulch, gravel, or plants

✪ Cart is made of durable plastic and capacity of 550lbs of cargo 

✪ A high-quality rubber inflatable wheel can support this weight well

✪ The handle controls the front wheels and it has a 180-degree turn range that makes transportation quick and easy

When you are deciding a garden dump cart the first thing to consider is the quality of the cart. Here comes the LUCKYERMORE garden dump cart that is specifically built to meet that required high-quality cart. It offers the best in design and material cart that is efficient in working. As it is a small compact-sized cart so you are not going to haul the larger items on it but it will be good when you just need a small-sized cart for your garden work to carry the small maintenance equipment and it’s ideal for the small chores around the yard.

This wagon cart has many more features than other carts of 500 lbs load capacity that make it superior to them. The first feature that is well integrated into the design of this cart is the quick release system that makes the loading and unloading easier. The other feature is the 180-degree turn of this cart which is well suited to turn the loaded cart in gardens if there is narrower space.

The best thing about this dump cart is the widened wheelbase that makes the freely move through the terrains without getting stuck. The body is designed in such a way that it can pass off-road without any off-balance. The cart body is shaped in such a way that the load is equally distributed on all four wheels to make it easier movement.

6. MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV Heavy Duty Utility Cart Cargo Trailer

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This heavy-duty cargo trailer cart is manufactured by the Impact Implements which is a subsidiary company of the parent company named Motoalliance. This company is manufacturing lawn equipment for a long time. During these years they have manufactured a vast variety of the accessories and products for lawn maintenance and garden care. When we consider the manufacturer of this product, we can not ignore this product.

Key Points of MotoAlliance Heavy Duty Cart

✪ It has removable sides meshes to ease the load and unload process

✪ Load capacity is good for moving heavy items i.e 1500lbs

✪ The hauling capacity is also very impressive as 15 cubic ft. that can be increased more by removing side meshes

✪ It has a food dump and quick-release  latch and tilts feature

✪ It includes the 18” 4-ply pneumatic tires which are good for hauling on off roads.

The dump carts manufactured by the Impact Implements are far by largest we have ever seen in the market and they do not ever compromise on design and quality. The cart body features a high-quality 11-gauge steel frame that can upholds the heavyweights and put the whole body together without any breaking or denting. The sturdy and well-built frame of the cart provides maximum support during the transportation of heavy hauls across the lawn or gardens.

The cart can transport the maximum weight up to 1500 pounds easily without any frame breakage. 

The best thing about this cart is its large-sized wheels that are the largest one we have ever seen on any cart. These wheels help the loaded cart to move offroad easily. With these types of the wheel, the cart moves on all types of surfaces without getting stuck on any rock or stone gravel. 

Due to these features, the Impact Implement Heavy duty cargo trailer can not be ignored.

7. Ohio Steel 4048PHYB Pro Grade Hybrid Tractor/ATV Cart with Swivel Dump

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Ohio steel is the oldest product manufacturing company. This company started about 60 years ago and mostly manufactures the products that are designed out of plastic. This key feature has made this company a brand. The entering into the dump cart manufacturing business by Ohio Steel was a surprising step. The company has a good reputation in delivering high-quality products that value for money.

Key points of Ohio Steel Hybrid Tractor/ATV Cart

✪ It has a load capacity of 1250 pounds which is good enough for a gardener

✪ While transporting the heavy load verify to tow the vehicle carefully

✪ Always keep checking the tire pressure to 24psi otherwise tires will be damaged and it will be costly to change them

✪ Never try to exceed weight more than 1250 pounds in cart body which will otherwise damage the cart tub

It has a key feature in the material quality and design of the cart which makes it unique among the dump carts. Ohio Steel also used polypropylene as base material like others to make the tub of the cart. Polypropylene is the popular material for cart building among all the companies due to its robust build quality feature. The high-grade quality material-made unique design offers the best value for money and design that can last for a very long time.

Apart from polypropylene built, this Ohio Steel Dump Cart 4048P-HYB has many other features that will force you to get it for your lawn. It is easy to assemble design. It also has a combo hitch that makes it compatible with the zero-turn mower, ATV, and lawn tractor. It can also switch between a ball hitch and a pin hitch. The foot pedal features easy unloading from the cart with the foot. It operates the swivel without much effort. 

This cart has a loading capacity of 12 cubic ft. that can hold a maximum of 1250 pounds of weight easily. The polypropylene structure is easy to clean, rustproof, and extremely durable.

8. Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

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Gorilla Carts have been producing dump carts for more than two decades. They have provided efficient dump carts after long research and experience by the users. That is the reason for the success of Gorilla Carts so they are providing high-quality outdoor equipment and Gorilla Carts GOR6PS is one of them.

Key points of Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Cart

✪ Poly bed of 40” x 25” 

✪ Rust-proof 

✪ Four 13” pneumatic tires

✪ Hauling capacity is 6 Cubic Ft

✪ Patented quick-release dump feature that makes the unloading quick and easy

✪ Improved maneuverability and ground clearance

✪ The padded handle 2-in-1 heavy-duty can pull the cart by hand or be towed

✪ Loading capacity s 1200-pound

After years of work to improve the product working and quality, the Gorilla Carts reached the level of designing the carts that work better in real than on paper. As a result, you can see the Gorilla Carts GOR6PS dump cart offers the movement of heavy equipment around your property. This cart possesses a sturdy steel frame made of polypropylene that can withstand a load of 1200 pounds.

This loading capacity of 1200lbs is well good enough figure while comparing with the similar compact size carts. It means that you can move more material with this small-sized cart.

The best thing about this cart is the four heavy-duty all-terrain wheels under this sturdy body that look like belonging to ATV. The designing of the frame is done in such a way that it balances the weight on all four wheels equally that makes it easy to move around even on rough surfaces or terrain when towing with a tractor. This feature of this cart makes it a perfect choice for lawn tractors to move heavy equipment or any material.

9. John Deere 650 lb. 10 cubic ft. Tow-Behind Poly Utility Cart

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The John Deere Poly Utility Cart is one of the favorite carts by gardeners due to its added features that are missing in all other carts. It has a dumping feature with a 56-degree angle which makes the unloading process much more seamless.

Key points of John Deere Tow-Behind Poly Utility Cart

✪ Hauling capacity is 650 lb. with 10 cubic ft. cart bed

✪ The stell tow bar which is powder coated with polypropylene bed

✪ Foot pedal release system with 56-degree dump angle

✪ Universal hitch to attach with any tractor, ATVs or UTVs

✪ Hardware pack with the product for assembling

It has a hauling capacity of loading 650 pounds coupled with 10 cubic ft haul capacity. It is one of the best poly carts available in the market. The drawback of this cart is just its low capacity but it is still a favorite of many people due to its other features.

The feature of large-sized pneumatic turf tread tires makes it running on any terrain easier. The quality ensured tires have the ability to absorb the shock which keeps the cart protect from any damage. 

The other key feature is its durable steel tow bar and frame that is powder-coated to protect the frame from rust problems. The foot padel release is the feature that makes it unique among other dump carts which is a good addition and need of the hour. 

The hitch provided with this product is universal which is easily attached to all types of tractors. The cart is easy to assemble and comes with hardware tools to make assembling more joyful.

The Importance Of A Dump Cart

Dump carts are not a necessary tool for just lawn maintenance but it’s also important for the homeowners as utility trailers. But there is a much difference in the dump carts and utility trailers and wagons. 

To move the debris and compost or any other fertilizer packs the dump carts are quite useful for you. 

The dump carts have many uses due to their properties. Some of which are discussed here.


The dump carts are steady as they can move on the rough surface more easily than a man. When you have to move the debris or any material having a weight up to 1500lbs then the dump cart is the open choice for you. 

If the heap is not spread evenly on the barrow then the dump cart can do smarter work for you. 

They do not lose control and balance on uneven surfaces due to their structure and small wheels so it is an ideal choice for any gardener.

Easy to use

They are easier to use than the conventionally used wheelbarrow. And they are much easier to control for elders because you just need to attach them and do your work in a few minutes.

Move Heavy loads

They are safe to move heavy loads like stones, trees, and woods. With their help, you can move the tree’s woods and leaves trash to any place. 

They can uplift and move the weight of 1500lbs that is quite an impressive figure.

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What are the dump carts?

Some people mistakenly mixed up the dump carts with the utility trailers. However, there is a keen difference between both of them. 

The utility trailer has a flat surface but the dump cart has tubs like the surface because they are used to move gravel and mud. This function of dump carts makes them a necessary tool for any homeowner and service provider of lawn maintenance.

The process of dump cart choosing is quite time-consuming but choose it wisely according to your lawn size and design.


We are sure that you have got enough knowledge about the dump carts. We know that choosing the best one is not an easy process. So that is why we write this article to help you find the dump cart you are searching for. 

Regardless of the size and model of the carts, you need to consider the main features of build quality, design, and its hauling capacity, and bed capacity according to your need. 

The cart should be well built with premium steel to ensure its longer life with quality tires to move freely on uneven surfaces. Make sure to get the one that well suits your needs.

We tried to review the best carts available in the market. In the future, if any new best quality product comes to the market we will keep updated our article. We hope that you find your desired dump cart.

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