I’m not what would be considered a conventional fine woodworker but I do make an effort to refine my skills. A scroll saw is the perfect addition to the shop when fine and precise cuts need to be made. I purchased the Delta Scroll Saw (link is to better version) on the local used market for $50. I saw a good brand name and a tool I wouldn’t have sought out in the new market and took the opportunity.

Having no experience with these machines, I took a hands-on approach and learned what I could through examination. The saw offers two speeds, a pivoting table, a blower to clear the work area and ample room for larger workpieces. Perhaps it’s my inexperience or maybe I’m pushing the limits but I cannot keep a blade intact for more than 5 minutes. It takes straight blades as opposed to pinned blades, this takes some finessing. Blade changes and setting the tension are quite simple with the supplied tool and everything is very accessible. Be sure to keep a firm grip on the workpiece.

This is something that doesn’t see regular rotation in the shop but proves its value when it can. The retail market prices these in the $200+ price range so I consider it a bargain at what I paid for it.  Blades are very inexpensive and come in bulk packs be sure to have plenty on hand.

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