Automobiles have reached to a level that one used to imagine once. Advanced technologies are used for production of automobiles now a days. But its natures law that with the time composition of materials or matters are used to lose its original composition. Same is for a cars’ window. Windows of a car might slow down due to the jam in the window channel. One of the easy solutions for this problem is to use a best silicon spray. A best silicon spray ensures a smooth surface on which it is applied.

How to fix slow car window? We can fix a slow window car with the help of a best silicon spray by following some steps. These are, covering, fixing small pile nozzle with the silicon spray, application, and finally cleaning the neighbor areas.

how to fix slow car window

How Can You Make Your Car’s Window Smoother?

You can make your cars’ window glass smoother with the help of a silicon spray, if it is jammed for other commodities. Its an easy process to apply the silicon spray on the channel of cars’ window to make it easy to circulate. The procedure of the application of silicone spray on the window channel is mentioned below:

Step 1. Covering:

For the application of the silicon spray, it is a must to cover the other neighboring areas so that the liquid of the spray doesn’t fall on those places. You can use the towel or newspapers to cover areas.

Step 2. Preparing the bottle spray:

In this step we will have to fix a thin nozzle with the mouth of the silicon spray. This will allow you to apply the silicone spray into the channel.

Step 3. Application:

In this step we will have to apply the silicone spray into the channel of the windows. Try to spray into the channel avoiding to spray on other surfaces.

Step 4. Cleaning the neighboring areas:

In this final step you have to clean the neighbor areas with a soft wet cloth. This will make sure that the no droplets of the silicone spray are on the neighboring surface. It is to be noted that silicon spray on the surface of your cars’ exterior body night change its color. So, it is a must to clean the neighbor surface of application after applying the silicone spray.

Wrapping Up

And thus, we come to know how to fix slow car windows if it gets jammed dur to other commodities or rough surface. Good luck for the work. Have a nice day!

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