Protecting your roof also means protecting your house as a whole. And you can ensure both by using roof shingles. It is going to protect your roof from any kind of environmental damage by resisting water, providing wind seal, etc. Along with all of these, it will also enhance the look of your house.

What are the best roof shingles? To get the best roof shingles, we would highly recommend you to pick- strong, durable, all-round and multi-colorful roof shingles. It would be strong enough to protect your house from any sort of damage, also magnify the beauty of your house for a long time.

best roof shingles

So, are you eager to know about its features? Sure. With no more delay, let’s look into its features in detail.

Best Roof Shingles – 2021 Comparison Table

People get confused when they are looking for a specific type, especially if they are new. Getting the best one requires understanding so many things like,

What kind of shingles available on the market?

Which one stays longer and met the desirable needs?

Where and to install the shingles, all are important to know.

That is why in this article, we will walk through step by step process the way you would able to accept the best roof shingles that designed for your specific requirements.

First, take a look into the best roof shingles collection in short to get an initial idea.

Ultimate Buying Guide to Choose the Best Roof Shingles

One of the things makes people so confused about the shingles type. You may see so many names available on the shingles world. Do not bother listening to them because you will get here the smartest types of shingles that not only people traditional love to install but also working now.

So you will get the trend with elite taste together. Before that, I am requesting you to pay attention to one after another, so you reach your perfect one to make a wise decision.

The Best Types of Roof Shingles

Here are the qualities of roof shingles that will help you to buy smart. Such as,

Asphalt Shingles

When it comes to the best roof shingles, first and foremost, people think about the asphalt. And there are so many practical advantages to it.

You can choose several types of color and structure following your recommendation. Research shows 70% of North Americans use it in their roof. The primary three types of asphalt you will get on the market, and they are Architectural Style, Fiberglass, and 3-tab asphalt. If you are looking for the affordable one, then going with 3-tab will be the best decision.

You will see the regular price of its anything in between 5k$ to 8k$ depending on your roof structure, size, and shapes. If you think about per square feet, then it may be cost you 80$ to 160$ or anything in between. Remember the quality one you make sure for roof the longer it will live, so be careful when you choose one.

Metal Shingles

The person who loves different color styles and smarter look for their roof may consider this very well. Therefore, the structural mechanism of the metal brings the uniqueness of this shingle.

The beauty of the metal shingles you would easily able to install and very lightweight. From the traditional period, metal is well known as on the longest shingles that stay almost 70 to 100 years or more. It cost you quite $270 to $390 for per square feet. You will find the most useful type of shingles like Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Tin metal, and Zinc. See which one meet your budget and expectation and use for longer goal.

Cool Shingles

Cost is typically one of the most considerable and profound elements to understand for shingles. And the good news is you will get so many types and varieties to choose and here is another name is COOL roof shingles designed for strong reflective granules. And Granules is able to reflect massive heat rather than regular traditional shingles.

So if you find yourself to prevent the harmful sun rays and decrease the heat from the roof, then choose this. You are also able to maximize the home insider comfort that automatically allows using less air conditioner and getting fewer utility bills for all year long.

Solar Roof Shingles

If you think about the modern classic roof, solar can be your best option to explore. Obviously, it cost you more than other shingles, but the usefulness of solar is worth every penny.

Actually, people choose solar for a backup power system that generates them quite a sufficient amount of electricity.

So, as a result, your utility bill requires completely less throughout the years. Solar shingles cost you $20 to $25 for every square foot.

The interesting thing about solar is you never need to install it everywhere on the roof. Just choose a specific part of the roof and install it there. People mostly use it on the roof south part. You can follow it too. And it lasts quite 20 to 30 years nonstop.

Wood Shingles

If you think about the styles, your roof quite different way that looks quite unique, dynamic, and structural. Then the wood is another choice to make.

It stays for 20 years to 70 years depend on the quality you able to make sure. The different types of wood shingles are wood shake and wood shingles.

People who are quite choosy and looking for creative perfectness loves it too. It cost you in between $400 to $970, considering the budget.

Wood Shake Shingles

You may not know the most extraordinary thing about the wood shake is its stay more than 40 to 50 years without getting any damage.

Because it mostly built from the cedar trees that convenient to live largely, cedar trees mostly used for the roof after 200 to 300 years later, you may have seen so many elite families who traditionally represent them time after time to use it.

You will get it a quite adequate price like $5 to $10 for every square foot.

Slate Tile

When you find yourself to bring the natural beauty of your roof that your friends and neighbor will appreciate, then see how it works. Slate mostly one of the heaviest shingles from the entire roof system.

You may not get it to many versatile, but that already designed really look awesome. Remember, when you plan to install it, hire a smart contractor who installed it so many times. Because applying the slate is quite tougher than any other shingles on the market. It also takes you a good amount of money, but the life of it lasts quite 50 to 150 years. And for every square foot, you need $8 to $15.

Rubber Shingles

Rubber is another common type of shingles like asphalt, and people usually use it a lot. It is a little expensive than asphalt and considerably good.

You will easily able to use it without any hassle and especially perfect for saving the utility cost around the years. The true beauty of the rubber smooth designed with the highest expensive EPDM and affordable PVC and TPO combined. The cost of the rubber is $4.00 to $8.50 for every square foot. And the lifetime experience shows literally 15 to 25 years.

Composite Plastic

If you consider yourself to install the environment-friendly roof shingles that naturally stay almost 25 years, then check this one.

Composite specially made with plastic and some kind of strong similar ingredients. It really looks very sturdy.

When you check along, you will notice it’s very lighter than the other roofing.

The cost of the composite plastic is genuinely cheap, like $4 to $7 for every square foot, and it promises to last 8 to 22 years. The advantages of using composite shingles it’s comparatively stronger than any other shingle at the same price.

Copper Shingles

It’s a unique type of roof shingles that you may not get everywhere else because only some of the companies offer it. It’s quite similar to metal roofing technology.

Most of the time, copper uses to associate the other type of roofing because people do not use copper all around the roof.

The best thing about copper is it stays hundreds of years and very light. It’s genuinely one of the well-furnished shingles on the whole market. If you think about the lowest price, then it’s may not the best option for you. But if you determined to use something unique with awesomeness and more extended to use, don’t forget this one.

Considerable Key Point & the Advantages of Choosing the Best Shingles

When you are completely prepared to install the best roof shingles to follow the highly efficient process, you like to know it so much.

Because when you able to understand the pure purpose of specific advantages of roof technology, it allows you to go smart without error.

And it also helps you to consider the best type of shingles that specially designed for your roof structure real quick. Now read along and discover the full advantage of best roof shingles.

Easy To Repair

The first and most crucial part, while it comes to install the roof shingles, is to repair.

When people have an adequate level of budget or don’t try to mess with the shingles, then repairing is a part of it. And the coolest thing of the shingles you able to easily repair it without expert hand.


It’s adaptable and so many types of shingles on the market you only need to choose something that your requirement meets. Plastic, tile, metal, average, and a list of shingles, you would able to find the market instantly. And the more selective you are, the strongest one you able to install.


The budget plays an authority role in most of the places. And you don’t need to spend extra money without understanding what you are going to use.

There are countless shingles at different prices. You always have the opportunity to use only the best that suits your roof.

Multiple Colors

Color is the way your roof will be represented to the people. And the modernized color you choose the beautiful looks it will bring. So before making your final choice, just check the color of shingles carefully. Remember, it will also represent how real choosy person you are for the roof.

Stay Longer Period of Time

You will see the common thing people need the longer, durable, and strong type of shingles for their roof. Research shows most of the common types of roof stay 20 to 40 years some time some of the last quite 100 years.

But the thing is before choosing your shingles how longer it promised to serve and count your years from the best experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which shingles considered the best one?

It ultimately depends on the budget, house, roof, and choice structure. The most useful and durable type of shingles is asphalt, wood, solar, metal rubber, etc.

How much it costs for per square feet?

As you know, the many shingles on the market so you will get those $1.50 to $9.00 per square feet. The strongest one you use, the more you have to pay for better results.

How long the roof shingles lasts?

It generally lasts 25 to 50 years or more. You will have the warranty of the product so when you choose your one, check the warranty.

Can i get the environment-friendly shingles?

You have the complete opportunity of choosing the best shingles that convenient for your location, and surely it’s crucial to take.

What is the best color of the shingles?

There are several to check, and they are GRAY. BLACK, BROWN, Shade of BLACK, Red, etc.

How much it costs to replace the damaged shingles?

If your roof shingles installed by square feet, then you need to replace that one. But some of the shingles types require more to repair. So most of the time, the budget depends on the kind of shingles you used before. And typically, it cost you $95 to $400. If the brand quality is good, it takes more money all the time.

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Wrapping Up

Here’s all of our well-researched information about the best roof shingles. We hope you have found this article helpful. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the most suitable roof shingles for your house.

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