If you are professionally into woodworking and love to have the durable and accurate tools in your workshop the DEWALT DW735 thickness planer would be an ideal addition to your workshop. This premium thickness planer is one of the best in the market, and if you were looking to buy a product that can deal almost anything in your workshop this planer would be the answer. Whether it is about the performance, accuracy, dust collection, or any other thing related to the woodworking, this planer scores pretty well in every region.

DEWALT DW735 Review

Apart from the durable build quality and features, there is a lot to talk about DEWALT DW735. So, let’s talk about the best features, pros, and cons of DW735 so that you can decide whether you should buy it for your workshop, or not. Stay tuned with us, to know more details about this amazing thickness planer from DEWALT.

Top 5 features of DEWALT DW735

As said, the DEWALT DW735 is a premium device, there are numerous features about the tool that make it an ideal buy for the professionals. And although the list of features is quite long, we will concentrate on the five best features to keep things short and simple. These five features are laid out in such a way that they justify the price and reputation of the planer. So, let’s jump straight to the brief description of the five best features of DEWALT DW735.

Durable build quality

The first thing that you are going to notice about the DEWALT DW735, is its build quality. With a heavy-duty material, this planer is built to last for years and serve in your toughest projects. Along with the build, the blades, dirt storage, and the markings all are of top-notch quality. You are not going to find any lose point about the build or performance.

So, if you were after build quality and flawless performance, the DEWALT DW735 would be an ideal thickness planer for yourself.

Powerful 15 amp motor

Apart from having a durable body, the DW735 houses a powerful 15Amp battery that produces enough juice to run the blades at 20000RPM. This enhances the usability of the tool and the and heavy duty body helps the tool to be steady even at the higher speed.

So, if you are looking for heavy duty, reliable and faster planer for your workshop, the DEWALT DW735 can be the best planer to rely on.

  • Two-speed gearbox to choose the feeder’s speed

For the added usability, the DEWALT DW735 has a two-speed adjustment which allows the users to change the feeder speed between 96 and 179 CPI. This way you can easily optimize the planer according to the project needs. So, if you were looking for a more usable and dedicated thickness planer for your projects, you should once try your hands on the DW735 from DEWALT.

  • Automatic carriage lock

The major drawback of heavy-duty planers is that they don’t usually fit on the workbench and thus can slip from the installed place. However, if you have the dW735 from DEWALT, then you won’t have to worry about this, the automatic carriage lock provided is capable enough to reduce the planer’s movement that can cause snipe. So, if you were looking for the best and most stable thickness planer for your workshop, then it would be none other than the DEWALT DW735.

  • Great brand value

DEWALT is known to manufacture high-quality power tools for different industries. The products from DEWALT are known as a good performer even under high pressure and workload. That’s the main reason why many industries and professionals use DEWALT tools in their workshop. Apart from the build quality and durability, these tools are fairly easy to master and you can easily rely on them for the best performance. The DEWALT DW735 is also not an exception for the brilliant build quality and performance. So, if you were looking for a reliable product that can serve you for many years without fading, the DW735 thickness planer would be an ideal product for you.

Apart from these five, there are numerous other features that make DW735 an ideal buy. So, if you were planning to buy a reliable and heavy-duty thickness planer for your workshop, then without searching for any other second option, buy this amazing planer from DEWALT.

Apart from the features, there is one more thing that must be considered before buying an expensive tool like the DEWALT DW735, and that is the list of pros and cons. By going through them, you can easily decide whether the tool will be worthy enough for you to buy, or not. So, here’s the list of pros and cons that we experienced during the review. GO through them, and decide whether you can deal with the cons and adjust the pros to work the planer according to your needs.


  • Easy to use
  • Dual feeder speed helps the users to speed up their work
  • Great value for money


  • Heavy and expensive

These were the brief pros and cons that we encountered in our review. We would suggest that if you can afford this amazing planer for your workshop, then it would be a one-time investment for you. The durable build quality of DW735 makes it an ideal buy for the buyers looking for a long-term tool for their workshop, and if you can afford to install it in your workshop, then it would easier for you to earn more profit by completing more projects in lesser time.


In all, if you were planning to buy a heavy-duty, easy to use and reliable thickness planer for your workshop that not only enhances your working speed but also helps you achieve perfection with your projects, then the DEWALT DW735 thickness planer would be an ideal choice for you. Although it is a bit expensive than the various other planers available in the market, you can easily compromise with it with the exclusive features, amazing build quality and usability of the planer.

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