For those wood-working professionals who are involved in a project that needs smoother surfaces to work on, the planer is one of the most important tools to look for. And although there are numerous wood planers available in the market, there are a few that have a better reputation among the buyers, both professional and novice. One such greatly design hand wood planer is the DEWALT DW680K.

Apart from the efficient and compact design, there are numerous other things that make it an ideal hand planer available in the market. In this article, we will talk about the best features about DW 680K, its pros and supposed cons that will help you to decide whether you should buy the DEWALT DW680K for your projects, or not.

DEWALT DW680K Wood Planer Review

Top 5 features of DEWALT DW680K

Apart from being a company that has a great reputation among the buyers of power tools, DW680K has several features that help the planer stand out from the crowd. As this is a premium quality hand planer, there are numerous exclusive and first-in-class features, but to keep it short and simple, we will talk only about the five of the best features of DEWALT DW680K. Go through them, and find whether you should invest your hard-earned money on it, or not.

  1. Higher RPM

The best part of the DEWALT DW 680K is the high speed. The planer is capable enough to move at 15000rpm. This makes it one of the fastest hand planer in the market, and while it is extremely lightweight, you can easily handle it at the higher speeds. So, if you were looking for a reliable and highly efficient hand planer for your wood-working projects, DEWALT DW 680K would be the best choice for you in this price range. So, without a second thought, start finding the best deals on the planer to get the best value for money.

  1. Powerful motor

The DEWALT DW 680K is equipped with a powerful 7 amp motor that not only looks durable but also has enough juice to run through the heavy and large wooden blocks. The heavy-duty build quality ofDEWALT DW 680K makes it a great buy for those users who love buying a one-time investment for their home. Also, the precise accuracy makes it a great buy for the professional planer for you whether you are looking for a reliable and efficient planer.

So, instead of searching for a better wood planer at this price range, try finding an ideal deal for this amazing tool for the woodworking professional.

  1. Extremely compact and easy to use

Although the DEWALT DW 680K is a bit heavier than the other planers in the range, but when it comes to the design and usability, this is far better than other planers in the market. Just take a few days to master it, and you will find it one of the most exciting power tool for your wood-working projects.

The easy handling and compact design make it a perfect tool for both professionals and home users who are involved in small DIY projects at home.

In all, if the size and usability are the key constraints for you, then you should once consider the   DW680K for your projects.

  1. Sharp and effective blades

DEWALT DW 680K is equipped with three reversible carbide blades that are sharp enough to make a 3/32 inch cut on a wood block. These blades can easily be sharpened once they are dull. These make the DW680K a great buy for those who were planning to buy a reliable, value for money tool for your workshop.

So, if you were looking for a planer that is compact yet has an efficient set of blades to deal hardwood, you should once try DEWALT DW680K for the projects.

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You won’t find a better performance-oriented planer at this price range. So, start looking for suitable deals and grab the product once you get a perfect deal on it.

  1. Better value for money

For those buyers who are looking for a great value product for their woodworking projects, DEWALT DW680K is one of the most feature-rich and best value for money wood planer. The numerous exclusive features and efficient motor along with reusable blades, this power tool helps the buyers work in a faster and more efficient manner. So, value for money is what you are looking for, the DW 680k would be an ideal buy for you. The exclusive features like depth-adjustable knob and reversible blades can easily be treated as the perk of purchasing this premium hand planer.

Now, let’s have a look at the list of pros and cons that will help you decide whether you can deal with the planer easily, or not. Make sure to remember these pros and cons so that you can make the right choice whenever you are out for buying the DEWALT DW 680K.


  • Easy to use
  • Silent and lesser vibrations
  • Powerful motor


  • Heavy

After seeing the pros, cons, and value of the product, we can easily conclude that the DEWALT DW 680K is a great hand wood planer that can easily be used for both professional and beginner’s projects. And with the exclusive features and easy to handle design, this is a perfect planer for those buyers who are looking to buy an efficient and accurate wood planer to achieve perfection in the woodworking projects.


In all, DEWALT DW680K wood planer is a perfect buy for those buyers who are looking for a powerful and efficient handheld wood planer for them. Due to the handy design and easy to use features, this is probably the best hand wood planer available in the market. And although it may feel a bit to handle for the first few projects, but you can easily master it after using it for a few more projects. So, keep using it and develop skills to operate it efficiently.

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