The wood planers are one of the most important tools of a woodworking workshop. They not only help the workers to finish their projects but also provide the project with a smooth finish and looks that enhance the price of the project. However, choosing a perfect wood planer is a tough task, and it depends upon the kind of project you do and the amount of perfection that you need in a project. You can choose any of the planer types for your workshop according to the preferences and needs but if you are willing to have the utmost perfection and are planning for installing a heavy-duty wood planer in your workshop, then the DEWALT DW735X would be an ideal buy for you.

Apart from having a great brand name associated with it, the Dewalt DW735X has numerous other features that make it a premium and high-quality wood planer that is ideal for professional woodworkers. If you were planning to install a good quality high-end wood planer at your place, then be with us as we are going to discuss the main features of the planer and let you know whether you should buy this thickness wood planer for your workshop, or not. So, be with us until the end of the article, and know more about this amazing all-purpose wood planer for woodworking workshops.

DEWALT DW735X Features

As said, the Dewalt DW735X wood planer is a premium product from the company, it has a bunch of features that are only available to this model and various useful features that make it an ideal buy for the professionals. And even though you are not a professional woodworker but want to work on such DIY projects that need higher accuracy and a higher level of dedication, you will find the Dewalt DW735X wood planer an ideal buy. And as it is impossible to talk about all the features in one article, we are focusing on the five best features that can be considered as the base of the popularity of the wood planer. So, let’s get started the Dewalt DW735X review.


The first and most important point about the DEWALT DW735X wood planer is the powerful motor that power it for flawless performance. Dewalt DW735X is powered by a powerful 15 Amp motor that produces enough juice to run the machine at the speed of 20000RPM and cutter speed head speed of 10000 RPM. This makes it fast and powerful enough to cut through the wide and hardwood blocks in a few moments.

So, if you were looking to buy a fast and powerful planer that can easily help you cut through the harder and wider wood blocks to prepare the masterpieces, the DW735X from DEWALT would be an ideal choice for you.

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Another important point that makes the Dewalt DW735X wood planer a great choice for the professional woodworking projects is it is extremely easy to handle. Although being a heavy device that runs at a relatively higher speed than the counterparts, this planer is fairly stable and you can easily control it with perfection even when it is operating at its highest speed.

So, if you were looking to buy a stable and easy to use wood planer for your workshop, you shouldn’t look any further than the DEWALT DW735X wood planer.


With a cast aluminum base and heavy body, this is one of the most heavy-duty wood planers available in the market, and you can buy it if you were planning for a one-time investment and a reliable performance. You can completely rely on it for many years without any performance loss or anything. So, for all the buyers who are looking for a wood planer that can be used for years without much maintenance cost, the DeWalt DW735X would be an ideal buy.


Apart from being a highly efficient planer, the Dewalt DW735X wood planer also provides the user a better control by giving a knob to control the speed. You can easily adjust the cutting speed and thus you can have better control over planning. The machine lets you choose the cuts speed of 96 and 179 CPI which be altered manually by just rotating a knob.

So, for all the buyers who love having more control over the cutting process, the DW735X from DEWALT would be a great planer to go with.


The biggest problem with the planers is that they can’t handle bigger wooden blocks and this limits their usability. However, if you are planning to buy the DEWALT DW 735X wood planer for your workshop then you can easily work on the woodblock of 13” width, which is a good capacity for a planer of this size.

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So, if you are a professional and work on the bigger wood blocks, we would suggest you to go with the DEWALT DW 735X for yourself.

Apart from the above-listed features, there are numerous other features that make the Dewalt DW735X wood planer a better choice than other premium wood planers of the range. So, if you were looking for a premium planer for your projects that performs really well and is a better performer than most of the other planers out in the market, then you should once have a look at the DEWALT DW735X wood planer for your workshop.

Apart from looking at the features, it is also essential as a buyer that you know about the possible pros and cons before you purchase the tool for yourself. So, here’s the list of pros and cons that we found during the review. Go through them, and find whether DW735X is the right buy for you or not.


  • Easy to use
  • Great value for money
  • Three knife cutter head


  • Heavy and expensive


In all, if you were looking for the best in class performance and heavy-duty planer for your workshop and DIYs, then the DEWALT DW735X would be an ideal choice for you. With reliable performance and brilliant after sales, this is the best planer that you can buy at this price point. So, start searching for the best deals on DW735X and you won’t regret buying such a premium power tool.

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