For all those buyers who are planning to buy a portable planer for their workshop and can’t zero on one product, the Delta Power tools 22-590 can be a brilliant choice to go with. This compact and efficient planer has everything that you can expect from a portable planer of this price range. Along with the efficient and reliable performance, affordable price and a bunch of useful features, there is a lot to talk about this amazingly designed portable planer, and if you were looking for the best value for money, you should once have a look at this amazing planer from Delta tools.

Delta Power Tools 22-590 Review

Being a great and popular portable planer in the range, there are numerous features that are worth discussing for a review. However, to make the review short and more valuable, we are going to discuss the five most talked about and most useful features that make 22-590  an ideal buy. Go through them, and find whether the Delta 22-590 is the right buy for your workshop, or not.

Delta 22-590 Features

As said, 22-590 from Delta has numerous useful features and plus points that make it an obvious choice over the other portable planers available in the market. However, if we talk about the best features of the planer, then they can be listed as follows. Go through the list of five best features of Delta 22-590 and then decide whether you should buy it for your DIYs or workshop, or look for other planers in the range.

  • Portable and easy to use

Like the other portable planers, the USP of Delta 22-590 is the size and lightweight design. Unlike the other planers in the range, you can expect better durability and reliability from the brand when it comes to the build quality and design tweaks. The unique and useful tweaks like the unique cutter headlock, separate infeed, and outfeed blocks, and adjusted depth cutting make it a brilliant option in this range. If you are looking for a portable planer that has numerous design hacks to improve the usability, then you can certainly go with this tool from Delta.

  • Powerful motor

Powered with a great 15 Amp motor that delivers up to 10,000 RPM, this is a great powerful tool for small projects and reliable efficiency. The motor gives the planer enough juice to deal with the harder wood with ease. Delta 22-590 has the most powerful motor when it comes to the portable planers of this size.

So, if you are looking for a brilliant portable planer that can easily handle your projects without any issues the Delta 22-590 can be a great tool to go with.

Efficient cutter head to deal with hard wooden blocks

Along with a powerful motor, the Delta 22-590 also is equipped with an efficient 3-blades cutter head that is a great feature for a portable planer. Apart from having a superior blade count, the quality of the blades is also better than most of the other portable planers out in the market.

In all, if you are after a good quality cutter head and a better performance then you should opt for the Delta 22-590 which is comparatively a better choice than the other planers of the similar range.

4-inch dust collector to keep the area clean

When you are working with the wood project, then it is obvious to deal with the sawdust. However, a few planers provide a great way to deal with it by providing a dust collector that stores all the sawdust to it and keeps the work area clean. Delta 22-590 has a 4-inch sawdust collector that efficiently catches most of the dust while working. You can easily clean the container and use it again for more projects.

So, if you are willing to buy a planer that helps you keep the place clean and more manageable, then you should opt for the Delta 22-590.

Great for DIYs and occasional woodworkers

The features and the portable design of the planer make it an ideal buy for the users who are involved in the DIYs and relatively smaller projects for their home. This wood planer may not be too effective to deal with the bigger project in the workshop but is a perfect choice for the buyers looking for a portable planer that effectively deals with the smaller projects with ease.

Along with these features, there are few positive and negative points that must be discussed so that you can easily make your choice for your DIYs and workshop.  Go through them, and make sure that you can deal with them perfectly before investing your money to it.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Portable yet a stable tool to work with
  • Perfect value for money


  • Not for bigger professional projects

Along with the above-listed features and pros and cons, there are numerous other features and plus points that you can figure out on your own. In all, there is one thing that you should keep in mind that the Delta 22-590 is a portable planer and you should treat it like one. You can’t expect it to deal with the larger wood blocks and heavier woodblocks. Talking generally, this is a silent and compact planer that can easily deal with all your smaller projects and home DIYs. So, if you are a professional woodworker, then we would recommend you to only buy it if you often deal with the smaller projects, else you should stick to a benchtop planer.


In all, if you are involved in a DIY and want to have perfect portable planer for a smaller project in your workshop, the Delta 22-590 can be a great choice for you. However, if you are willing to buy a planer that can help you complete all your projects regardless of the size of the project, then we would suggest you to find another benchtop planer for it. It is a worthy portable planer for the homeowners who are often involved in the DIYs to make their home a better place to live.

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