Well, by now you’ve known the use of epoxy resins on different materials. But, do you know that epoxy resins are used by electricians as well?

Epoxy resins are great electric insulators. In fact, they protect the components from dust. Also, the electrical components don’t get damaged by moisture if you apply epoxy resins on them.

epoxy resin for electricians

Why Do Electricians Use Epoxy Resin?

Apart from being used as insulators, epoxy resins are also used on integrated circuits and hybrid circuits. In fact, the FR-4 boards are made by glass cloths bonded in a composite. And, epoxy resins are used here. Moreover, epoxy resin is used in the bonding of copper foil in the circuit board.

On the other hand, epoxy resin is also used on the inductors and transformers. Here, air voids are eliminated due to epoxy resin. In the end, the epoxy resins are excellent electric insulators and conductors of heat.

Lastly, epoxy resins are favored in the electronic industries as well due to their excellent heat and chemical resistance. Moreover, they’re favored because they have great mechanical and electrical properties as well.

Tips On How To Use Epoxy Resin For Electricity

By now, you’ll know about the reasons for why electricians use epoxy resins. So, let’s a take a look at some tips on how you can use epoxy resins for electrical equipment

  • If the curing time is slow, you can use cure properties to fasten the rate. Here, the cure properties are amines, polyamides.
  • Here, the reaction can be quick and it might have the chance to give off another runaway reaction. So, you can use a filler to mitigate this reaction.
  • By using the fillers, you’ll be able to make it absorb any heat coming from the reaction. Here, it’s used as flame retardant as well.
  • Go for some trials before you begin.

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