As the epoxy resins have a bright and smooth surface, they can be used in making jewelry. So, you can create easy accessories by experimenting with glitters and paints.

epoxy resin for jewelry makers

Why Do Jewelry Makers Use Epoxy Resins?

Epoxy resins can produce tough surfaces when they’re cured. Also, they can produce clear and smooth surfaces as well. Previously, we’ve discussed how the epoxy resins can be colored with different paint and glitters.

Besides, you can draw diagrams on your own on the surface made by epoxy resins. Similarly, you can also create jewelry by painting the surfaces. You can also provide a bit of glitter that you want to bring out the details even more.

However, we’d recommend using a dark color as the paint of the surface. Because the dark color will be easy to work with. You can even bring out the details if you want by adding in white glitters. Hence, it’s easy to make jewelry with epoxy resins.

Tips On How To Make Jewelry With Epoxy Resins

So, now you know that it’s possible to make jewelry with epoxy resins. And if you want to know the process of doing so, check out the tips below-

  • Firstly, select what kind of silicone mold you’ll need to fill up.
  • After you’re done selecting the mold, calculate how much resin you’ll need to fill.
  • Next, mix half of the resin value and the color. Then, pour in the resin.
  • Give the resins 24hours to dry or longer. Here, it’ll more or less depend on the environment.
  • The larger elements can be added if you put them on the 1st layer. Here, you’ll need to use resin to fix the objects in place.
  • After you’ve placed the objects in place, add in the silicone mold. Now, leave it to dry again.
  • Lastly, you’ll need to use any type of polishing-paste. Here, you’ll need to apply the paste with a soft cloth. The paste will give off a shine.

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