Stained concrete is a new addition to flooring design or coloring. It can change the overall look of a house floor from dull to exciting. You can use this method not only for your room floors, but it’s also used for driveways, outdoor patio, Kitchen Island, countertops, etc. stained concrete area gives a visually stunning impression. You can use it for your bathroom floor and sinks. Anything concrete stained remains new for a long time if maintain a bit.

Concrete Staining Cost Per Square Foot

In this article, we are going to talk about concrete staining cost per square foot and some other important matters. So let’s get started.

Concrete Staining Cost Per Square Foot

We survey some site and talk with some companies who professionally offer service for quality concrete staining. After the research, concrete staining cost per square foot on average is,

  • 2- 4 dollar per square foot surface- includes- one color, necessary slab preparation, and a final sealer coat.
  • 4-10 dollars per square foot- one color, medium slab preparation, and final sear coat.
  • 8-15 dollars per square foot- multiple colors application, pattern design, pre-sealer layer, and a final sealer coat.
  • 12-25 dollars per square foot- job includes- high-quality color and pattern work with better finishing, hand applied stains, and other necessary sealant and finishing.

Other Elements That Could Increase or Decrease the Cost

There is some other thing that could impact the final price of the concrete staining work of your home. Like,

  • If the concrete is old, then the initial cost may come slightly high.
  • The costing of a brand new concrete floor will go much lower. So, if your floor was not sealed of covered previously with any flooring materials, then you could have saved some dollars.
  • Your contractor could reduce the costing if the work comes into large scale. That means if you have more space to stain with this method then, the cost will automatically decrease. So, you could think of the entire staining house, rather than doing the hallway or kitchen.

You might be thinking how could compare the cost of the entire house (minimum 1400 sqr ft), with few spots (500 sqr ft)? We are saying about the average costing. If a 500 sqr ft. Area cost your 1500 dollars. The 1400 sqr ft. will cost 3800-4000 dollars in 3 dollar rate for per square. That mathematically should cost 4200 dollars. However, stained floors are generally last 15-20 years without fading the color. That is a lot of time for any hard floors to remain new as concrete staining floors.

What Could You Concrete Stain?

  • Driveway
  • Room floors
  • Kitchen floors
  • Bathroom floors
  • Hall-room, Reception hall, conference-room floors
  • Table counter of restaurant, bar, kitchen island, counter tops
  • Patio, walkway & steps

Why You Should Concrete Stain Your Floor

The best thing about concrete stain floors is it can withstand all the pressure, dragging, swiping, and scratching as you could. That means the area of your building suffers from a large amount of crowd could get this staining. Like the carpet of wood hard floors it down fade over time. That is why they are often installed in many public buildings. You have to option to get the concrete staining floors.

  1. Buy pre-stained concrete slabs
  2. Apply concrete stain on the remaining new or old structures.

You can either apply this staining all over the house or use it few spots like a driveway, patio, etc. to cut the budget.

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The Different Types of Stained Concrete Slabs

Two types of concert staining are currently available in the market. These are,

  • Acid stain
  • Acrylic stain

The first one reacts with lime which presents in the slab surface. Concrete stain reacts with the lime during staining and shows unusual effects. The stain seeps into the concrete pores. Each and every effect shows a different result which unpreventable but defiantly desirable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stained Concrete Slabs

  • Pre-made concrete stain slabs are usually cheap. The usual cost of concrete stain starts with 350 to 400 dollars with standard quality materials. But if you want high-quality material and finishing the cost could be raised to 500 dollars. By the way, all these prices are for 125 per square ft. for inside the house.
  • Stain concrete slab is a versatile option to decorate the driveway, decks or patio of your house. But there is an odd. Stained pieces do not turn out the same even applying the same color technique. If you love the creativity on the floor, you will love this creation too. These are not like pre-printed tiles, which would be identical on every single square ft.
  • The concrete floor is ideal for high traffic areas like public places, significant bridges or retaining walls. The color and texture remain in good condition even after many years.

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