Deck screw is a kind of screw that helps to hold the wooden parts firmly. It is widely used for different purposes such as for making fences, different types of decks etc. Various types of deck screw are available in the market considering its length, width etc.

How to calculate deck screws? Measuring size, understanding the shape of the structure, selecting the spots for drilling screw are the steps that helps to calculate the required number of deck screw. 350 deck screw for each 100 feet of deck is one of the common calculations for calculating deck screw that most of the carpenters used to do.

how to calculate deck screws

Wood is an expensive product. We want to utilize this in a proper way. Whatever we make with the wood we need deck screw is essential. Thus, it is important to have a proper knowledge about the deck screw and it amount that is required.

How To Calculate Your Deck Screws?

Verities of deck screw are available in the market. Among these verities we need to find out our required one. A deck screw helps to combine the wooden parts to combine together and form different types of wooden commodities. Buying more than the required number of screws will increase the investment cost. Besides, buying less than the required number of deck screw will also create a problem.

There are few things need to be considered while calculating required number of screw form market. Things needs to be considered while buying deck screw are mentioned below,

1. Measuring The Size:

It’s important to have a proper knowledge about the size of the wooden material we are going to make. If the size is large, we will be needing more deck screw.

2. Understanding The Shape:

It is very much important to understand the size of the product we will be making. Of the structure consists of more carvings and joints we need to buy a good amount of deck screw.

3. Making Draft On Paper:

It is a very good step to have a draft drawing of the structure. It will give a clear idea and exact number of deck screw that will be required.

4. Settling The Place Of Screw:

We can estimate the number of deck screw by considering the place where the deck screw needs to be fix. Beside estimate can also be done by fixing a fixed distance from one deck screw to another deck screw and the total size of the structure.

Wrapping Up

Buying required amount of commodities for any structure will reduce the construction cost. Deck screws is a very important product that is required to make any kind of wooed structures. Thus, it is also very much important to know how to calculate deck screws which is required for the construction.

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