An uneven ground in your house can be quite a headache for you. But making a mess instead of making it right will be a disaster. There’s a high chance of the lack of proper guidance and that is what makes it worse for you. After creating that disaster you’ll look at the ground and realize that it looks like a complete mess. Fixing it right away might save you from that mess that you’ve already made.

So, how to fix self leveling compound mistake now?

Well, at first you need to start off with checking the problem with the surface. Then, you need to sand the floor and get rid of the bad compound you had on the previous try. After that, mix and prepare your new compound and apply it. When that’s dry, check the whole surface for any more places that need fixing.

how to fix self leveling compound mistake

If that sounds promising to you, what do you say we dive into a bit deeper today? So, let’s get you started-

Essentials to Grab First!

Hopefully, you still have the tools that you worked with when you tried to level the surface of your home before.

Check to see if you had the quality tools before. Because quality tools and materials will help you undo your mistake in no time.

It means even though you’re going use the self leveling compound all over again, we want to make sure that we’re doing it faster and better this time.

Often the problem can be the use of cheap materials too. And also grabbing a quality self-leveling compound will be a favor that you’ll be doing to yourself.

However, here are all the things that you’ll need to get started-  

Small Wood Hammer

If the old faulty compound is dry, you can use a small wood hammer to break it.

  • We Recommended: Mini Wooden Hammer


Chisel can be used as a great tool to remove the compound from the surface. It’s usually used to cut and shape wooden surfaces.

  • We Recommended: Hurricane Wood Chisel

Paint Scraper

Paint scraper is used for removing old painting or layers on the surface. Also, you can use it to apply the leveling compound.

  • We Recommended: Warner Stainless Steel Paint Scraper

Orbital Sander

Orbital sander is an electric sander that you can use to sand the surface and make it more smooth.

  • We Recommended: TACKLIFE 5-Inch Orbit Sander

New Self Leveling Compound

You’ll be needing a new self leveling compound to undo the mess you’ve created with the older one.

  • We Recommended: Amtico Karndean Floor & Wall Roller

6 Easy Steps On How To Fix Self Leveling Compound Mistake

Concrete floors often need repairs like resurfacing. Because often the concrete is cracked, has varying elevations or it might turn out to be uneven.

The self-leveling compound is the solution to this issue of yours. However, you need to follow the proper steps and guidelines for the process of it.

This compound is nothing like the cement. But the disaster happens when people consider it as same as the cement that they have on the floor.

Without the proper guidance on how to apply the self leveling compound, you’re doomed.

However, what’s done is done right? In this time of crisis, we’ve got your back today to take care of the mess that you have.

We’ve gathered a few steps that are going to be a life savior for you right now. So, let’s check them out step-by-step-

Step 1: Check Out The Problem

To solve any issue, you need to check it out first. If you don’t know what you’re dealing with, how will you ever be able to solve the issue?

At first, check out if the compound is too soft or not. Can you make a fingernail mark in it?

If it seems that much soft, you should remove it all and start it all over again. You’ll have a steady surface than to work with then.

Step 2: Sand The Floor

If you have an uneven floor, you need to sand the floor. And you can use the orbital sander to sand the floor in that case.

You need to wear the mask, gloves, and goggles before you start the sanding. You see, sanding the floor will create a lot of dust. So, you need to protect yourself from inhaling those.

You can also use a simple trick like spraying some water on the floor to save yourself from the dust. Because the water makes the dust heavy and stops it to float around in the air.

Step 3: Get Rid Of The Bad Compound

Not-so-level parts of the compound can be a form of the self leveling compound mistake.

So, if you’re looking to get rid of that not-so level parts of the compound, you can try chiseling them to be almost level with the ground.

Then, to get it down, you can use the orbital sander and sand it smooth.

However, if you need to remove all of the compounds, you should try breaking up as much of it as possible with a hammer.

Then, you can pick off the remains with a paint scraper. And if you need more heavy-duty tools, feel free to use them.

Your only goal right now is to get rid of as much of the compound as possible. Don’t forget to spray water whenever it’s about to dust.

Step 4: Prepare The New Compound

In most of the cases, people face issues because they didn’t mix their compound properly.

Grab a 20-liter bucket first. Then, pour out the self leveling compound in the bucket.

Now pour water and keep on mixing the whole mixture. Mix it with a stick and mix till the whole mixture becomes as thin as milk.

Don’t let it become thick under any circumstances. Keep pouring water little by little to make it thin.

You’ll need to be ready because you’ll need to apply this compound right after the mixture is ready.

Step 5: Apply The Compound

It’s time for you to start applying the self leveling compound.

You can fill in either the valleys you made in the old compound or the spot where the compound previously was.

You’ll need the paint scraper when you apply the compound. This will help you to apply the compound evenly on the surface. That means a leveled surface is coming up soon.

After you’re done applying the compound, you need to let it sit for some time. We’ll recommend that you wait almost a day for the product to dry completely.

Or else you might need to face the same issue that you had before with the surface.

Step 6: Check The Whole Surface

After the compound is totally set on the affected area, you need to check out the rest of the surface. Look out for any other issues on the surface.

If you notice any other issue similar to this, feel free to use these same steps to get rid of the situation. You’ll soon have a surface that is as good as new.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sand down self leveling concrete?

You need to use a trowel to level the compound as much as possible. And you need to do this while it’s still wet and pliable. Also, remember to use small amounts at a time. It’ll prevent quick drying before it’s level. You can use a grinder to sand down bumps in dried compound. A coarse sandpaper on an electric sander is effective for the smaller bumps.

Can you put self leveling compound on top of self leveling compound?

Yes, you can put a self-leveling compound on top of the self leveling compound. But you need to make sure that the first layer is completely dry before you apply the second layer on top of the first layer. You should use primer before you pour, just like with any concrete floor.

Why did my self leveling concrete crack?

Too hot or too cold temperatures is a major factor for the self leveling compound. It makes it tough for the compound to set properly on the surface. This might be the reason when you notice a self leveling concrete crack.

Can you mix sand with self leveling compound?

Yes, you can mix sand with the self-leveling compound. When you’re leveling a floor that is more than 5mm out of level (up to 10mm), you can add some sharp sand to the mix.

Can you paint over self leveling compound?

Yes, you can paint over the self leveling compound. You just need the heavy-duty concrete paint for the painting.

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Bottom Line

Now you know how to fix self leveling compound mistake with only a little effort.

Don’t worry, these kinds of incidents with the self-leveling compound are quite normal. But now you know that you can fix it and there’s nothing to worry about.

However, if the situation of the compound is too much complicated for you, call a professional.

It’s easy for them to take care of the toughest situations for them. After all, they are called professionals for a reason.

We would advise you to wear your gloves, goggles, and mask throughout the process.

The compound might even get stuck on your dress. So, wear the clothes that you won’t need in the future. Because your dress might become too messy to clean.

So, we wish you all the best in fixing the self leveling compound mistake.

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