Dog poop can be quite the hassle. If not cleaned in time, it’ll smell up your garage and make it unbearable for anyone who passes by or lives near it. But, if you clean or dispose of it properly, your home will smell as fresh as ever and will definitely not smell like dog poop.

So, how to keep dog poop smelling up the garage?

You can follow these 10 hacks to keep dog poop from smelling up your garbage.

You can try flushing them, using a secure trash can or even a coal and ash bucket. Other than that, you can use some baking soda, cat litter deodorizer, or install a mini septic system as well. Using a waste bag or burying the poop also works.

how to keep dog poop smelling up garage

So, without waiting any further, we’ll jump right into the hacks. But first, let’s check out the things that these hacks will need.

The Essentials You Should Get

Here’s a list of the things that you’ll need to use these hacks.

Hand Scraper

You can use this to scrape the poop off the ground. These tools are either bristle or plain, based on what kinds of specks of dirt you will be dealing with.

  • We Recommended: Flipper Platinum Hand Scraper (Link from Amazon)

Dog Waste Bags

These are used to dispose of the poop. Small sized, and often meant to be disposed of within household premises.

  • We Recommended: Earth Rated Dog Waste Bags (Link from Amazon)

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a popular household material that is used for various cleaning purposes. You can apply this to take away the smell.

  • We Recommended: Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (Link from Amazon)

Cat Litter Deodorizer

As a bad wave of smell will be coming from the place of the carpet, this will act as a deodorizer for that. This can be sprayed to neutralize the smell.

  • We Recommended: Nature’s Miracle Litter Box Deodorizer (Link from Amazon)

Cleaning Solution

You’ll need this to clean the trash can. A number of options are there that can be called on duty for the cleaning.

How To Keep Dog Poop From Smelling Up Garage

Here are the hacks that you can use to keep dog poop from smelling up garbage.

Hack-1: Flush The Poop

Taking the poop and flushing it down the toilet is probably the easiest hack on our list. It’s a great way of disposing of dog poop.

It can’t get any more convenient than this. I mean why not make use of the modern convenience known as the toilet, right?

But it doesn’t mean that your dog will have to take care of the business itself. That is not possible after all unless your dog is particularly talented.

So, you can do this by picking up the poop using a couple of paper towels, flushable wipes, or flushable pet waste bags, the best option yet. That’s it.

Flush it down the toilet and your problem is solved. But, before doing this make sure that your city doesn’t forbid this.

Now, let’s move on to the next step in the list.

Hack-2: Use Trash Can With A Secure Lid

A Trash Can with a secure lid is another place where you can drop your dog’s poop to control the odor in your garage.

Your trash can be of both plastic and metal. But plastic retains more odor than galvanized steel trash cans. So, we recommend that you buy a plastic one.

Now, here’s the important part. Make sure that the lid is closed shut at all times unless you’re dropping something in it.

Remind other members of your household to do the same. Let us give you a heads up, you’ll get a nasty smell when you lift the lid.

So be ready. However, you can tackle this odor by using scented kitchen trash bags as well.

Hack-3: Use A Cat Litter Deodorizer

You can also use products from cat litter that is used to neutralize the smell of poop. When sprayed onto the garage they will hopefully work well.

But we’d recommend you sprinkle some on the whole dog poop collection bag. These deodorizers absorb the worst of smells. So you’re all good now.

Hack-4: Apply Baking Soda

Dog poop is usually very acidic and smelly thanks to their high protein diet. So what neutralizes acid best? Yeah, you guessed right. It’s base. High school chemistry worked I see.

So, we can use baking soda to neutralize the acids that are producing a horrible smell. So how do we do it?

You simply sprinkle some baking soda over the garbage can. For more effectiveness, pour some baking soda on a plate and keep it over the lid.

This creates a barrier that odor cannot penetrate thanks to the crystals that neutralize the odor-producing acids.

Hack-5: Use A Coal and Ash Bucket With A Lid

You can also use metal buckets used for cleaning the ash that accumulates in old-fashioned fireplaces. They are somewhat stylish as well.

So, you can hide the dog poop in plain sight outdoors by keeping it in a coal and ash bucket. It also helps as a decoration.

So, it’s like killing two birds with one stone. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

Now, let’s move on to the next hack.

Hack-6: Install A Mini Septic System For Dog Poop

Mini septic systems for dog poop keep the dog poop out of your garage entirely. These galvanized steel units are installed under the surface in your backyard.

From there on, they act much as a standard septic tank does.

Dog waste is naturally decomposed into a liquid with water, bacteria, and enzymes. The product liquid is then harmlessly absorbed into the ground.

For greater decomposition speed, try drilling holes in the bottom of the unit before installing it in the ground and occasionally add mealworms.

Hack-7: Dispose In A Separate Container

You can always use a separate container for storing dog poop until the trash is picked up. This is the best hack after flushing the poop.

This lets you use your normal garbage can without being overwhelmed by the smell, which actually adds quite a convenience to your work.

You can also look for pet alternatives for the Diaper Genie.

Now, let’s move to the next hack.

Hack-8: Use Dog Waste Bags

If you’ve owned a dog for quite a while now and like taking walks, you’re probably familiar with the plastic bags used to dispose of dog waste on the go.

For those new dog owners or those who recently moved into a town that requires you to clean up after your dog, you’ll need these waste bags a lot.

When properly tied shut, these handy bags can easily prevent your garage from becoming a smelly space.

Most come with a convenient dispenser to clip onto your dog’s leash so that you’ll never forget to bring it along and find yourself stranded by a pile of you-know-what.

Hack-9: Bury The Dog Poop

If you live in an area not governed by a homeowners’ association, burying dog waste in an unused part of your landscape may be a feasible option.

Just choose a sight that is well away from the house and is unlikely to be disturbed by children playing or digging in the dirt.

For the sake of the environment, don’t bury any plastic bags along with the poop.

Hack-10: Clean Trash Cans Frequently

If you wash the trash can regularly, that should neutralize the odor pretty easily. Plastic trash cans are able to retain more odor, so it’s better for us.

You can fill up a plastic spray bottle with a 50:50 water and vinegar or water and bleach solution for a quick clean. Works really well.

Give them a quick rinse and let them air dry upside down in the sun. That should do the trick.

Hack-11: Use A Standard 5 Gallon Bucket

You can conveniently keep the dog poop stored in a standard 5-gallon bucket.

The lid clamps down firmly and retains the odor pretty easily.

It doesn’t pollute the air in your garage with nauseating smells. That is exactly what we want isn’t it?

You can line up the bucket with a 5-gallon liner for a mess-free way to empty the waste into your large bins when full.

Many grocery store bakery departments receive their cake frosting in buckets like these. They will gladly sell you their empty buckets for a small fee.

It certainly won’t hurt to ask. You may need to wash them out thoroughly before using them, but this is a small price to pay for a sturdy, quality bucket.

Now those were our top 11 hacks for keeping the dog poop from smelling up your garage. Now let’s check out some questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of solution should I use for cleaning metal trash cans?

For metal trash cans, we recommend the 50% water and 50% vinegar solution. It quickly cleans up the metal trash cans. Leave it under the sun to dry once you’re done.

Can I use dog poop in my compost pile?

This is highly discouraged. As the compost pile might not maintain the ideal temperature for the required time to kill all harmful bacteria and parasites. So, please, don’t do that.

Can I use dog poop as fertilizer in the vegetable garden?

This is a big NO from us. The reason behind this is that dog poop takes a lot of time to decompose and they have deadly parasites in them. The parasites will contaminate your food when given the chance.

Wrapping Up

We have come to the end. We hope you have properly learned how to keep dog poop from smelling up the garage.

Here’s a final quick tip:

Always keep some waste bags below the doormat or in a flowerpot, you’ll need them often. Helps with dog poop management.

Now, before you leave, we’d highly appreciate some feedback. Let us know if we missed something or if we were helpful enough.

Leave a comment down below. Till then stay safe and sound.

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