It is one of the major concerns to make the old concrete look new. Beside the new look now a days people search for the long-lasting concrete foundation that will always look clean and fresh just like a new one. There are various ways to accomplish this easy task. And using a best concrete stain is one of them.

How to make old concrete look new? We can make the old concrete look new by staining an old concrete with a concrete stain. The process that one need to go through while staining an old concrete are power wash, resurfacing and finally the application of concrete stain.

how to make old concrete look new

How To Make Your Old Concrete Look New?

Application of concrete stain is a very easy process. We can accomplish the ask of our own by following some of the easy steps. Some of the points are mentioned below about the application of concrete stain which will help us to know about how to make an old concrete look new,

Step 1. Cleaning:

At first, we have to clean the old surface and make sure that there is no dust on the floor. After ensuring zero dust on the surface, we need to was the floor with detergents and water. After this wet wash and sweep we need to allow the floor to dry it up for the required amount of time. It is better to allow the floor to dry naturally without using any drier. Besides, it will be better if we can remove the previous stain (if applied before) partially (completely removal is not possible).

Step 2. Application Of Concrete Stain:

In this step firstly we need to mix the stain with the proper amount of solvent and start the application after the completing of the step one. While applying the stain we need to ensure that the stain has overlapped smoothly and perfectly. Besides, the stain shouldn’t be applied on the wall or door which will be adjacent to the concrete floor.

Step 3. Sealing:

It is better to use the sealing after the application of concrete stain. It will ensure the floor to make it look shiny and new.

Wrapping Up

Hope our advice will be suitable enough to understand How to make old concrete look new. Good luck for the task. Have a nice day!

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