Shuffleboard game is one of the creative inventions of England. This game is more popular in the Europe than any other continent in the world. Beside this games’ popularity is increasing day by day everywhere.

This is a game which is played on a wooden table. And this boards’ smoothness needs to be maintained as the dice will move forward; more the friction less the movement so the surface needs to have a balanced smoothness. To accomplish this task, we need to use a silicone spray.

How to wax a shuffleboard table? We can wax a shuffleboard with the help of a silicone spray and shuffleboard powder. Cleaning the board, spray the silicone pray over the table, mop with cloth, application of shuffleboard powder are the steps to wax the shuffleboard table.

how to wax a shuffleboard table

How Can You Wax Your Shuffleboard Table Easily?

You can be your own wooden shuffleboard table. You will be just needing two main commodities and a sun commodity. They are, a silicone spray, shuffleboard powder and a soft cloth.

Now by following the steps mentioned below you can easily wax your own shuffleboard table. They are,

Step 1. Cleaning The Board:

Remove all the duct from the table of shuffleboard. Make sure it shines much (as much as possible).

Step 2. Spray The Silicone Spray Over The Table:

In this step we need to spray the silicone spray over the table of shuffleboard. Make sure all the corners of the table are equally sprayed.

Step 3. Mop With Cloth:

After spraying you need to mop the table again. Make sure you rub all the corners of the table with the soft cloth. This will ensure proper removal of dust and half waxed.

Step 4. Application Of Shuffleboard Powder:

Finally, we have to spread the shuffleboard powder all over the table. This will ensure all a proper and smooth surface of the shuffleboard table. Different type of shuffle board powders are available in the market you need to find the one you will be needing.

Shuffleboard game is the game of friction between the dice and the table. Less the friction more good it will be. So, you need to choose the silicone spray and shuffleboard powder according to your need. Remember shuffleboard powers of different types are available in the market, they are separated considering t granular structure of powder.

Wrapping Up

And that is how to wax a shuffleboard table. We can accomplish the task easily. It is important to have a proper smoothness through the surface of the shuffleboard table in order to have a good game. Have a good game. Good luck!

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