Using Mini-mills or Micro mills is pretty satisfying. No matter what your profession is, you’ll agree with this statement for sure. Now, let’s go through a situation-

You’re a jeweler who is doing a customized work for a valuable customer. At this point, suddenly you find out that your mill doesn’t have the necessary piece. You ask around others but none of them have that specific part.

Proxxon MF70 Review

You go berserk on the internet looking for the fastest available solution. As it takes more and more time, your customer gets a frown. Soon after this frown turns into disappointment.

After some time, your customer goes home disappointed. Now, you don’t know whether that customer will come back or not.

This can happen in other work sectors too. You’re working on a super important project in the lab and suddenly your wire goes out.

If you don’t want to see yourself in these situations, then you should get a good mini mill.

To help you out in this, we are here with a Proxxon mf70 review. Here you’ll get to know all the details about this machine including all the pros and cons. So, let’s jump right into the details without wasting any more time-

Whom Is The Proxxon MF70 For?

In short, this is an entry-level machine. It is highly recommended for beginners. However, that is not all. Let’s see what it can do. Thus, we will find its user. Right?

The machine is capable to process wood, plastic, aluminum, and GRP. The area of application of this machine is huge. Such as you can use it for engraving jewelry items, Printing on circuit board or on the electrical product, making a sign on the doorbell, building model or in the lab.

Not only the beginner but also who have such small milling job can use this product. Milling precision of aluminum is 0.1 mm Approximately. If the milling depth and those material cover with your demand, then this is a perfect machine to have.

Because of its ease of use beginners feel comfortable to use. And the professional face less hassle with this device. So, the machine is ideal for-

  • Optician
  • Jeweler
  • Model builder
  • Hobbyist

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This is not all about this mill. There is more to learn about the machine. Let’s see what are those-

Proxxon MF70 Review 2021

Product Overview

At first, the machine is designed to lower the vibration and slip off. What did they do for that?

best micro mill

Well, to make that they use a cast-iron made base and the base can be attached with screws on the workbench. Thus, it reduces the vibration and prevents from slip off.

Adjustable dovetail guides help to improve accuracy while milling. If those guides wear out after using a certain time, then you can adjust it. isn’t it a great feature for a milling machine?

The main part of the working part of the machine is the crosstable. It has 2 guide axes. Both the guides and crosstable are made from high-strength aluminum.

The travel path of the X and Y axis are possible to set by the handwheel. And this procedure goes to the high axis (z-axis). So, you can set according to your need.

Let’s be more technical to see its technical feature-

You can operate this machine using your household electronic socket (110V). You can adjust with the speed regulator, the spindle speed from 5000 to 20000 rpm.

You can also add parallel supports for your workpiece to be planed with a clamp. This is a very necessary feature for getting an accurate result.

You know, there is some add-on needed for the milling machine to accomplished various task. Keeping this factor in mind the manufacturer made the machine in such a way that it supports lots of milling add-on. Such as- a milling cutter, dividing head, clamps, etc.

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Highlighted Features

  • Supports 110V electricity.
  • Milling spindle speed is 5000 to 20000 rpm and you can adjust it according to material type and depth.
  • You can convert this machine to a CNC machine with some simple add-on kits
  • Strong Cast iron made base and cross table is made from high-strength aluminum.
  • Less vibration and prevents slip off.
  • Affordable price compared to feature.
  • Easy to use, a beginner can operate with ease
  • Great for small workpiece work
  • The workpiece sizes are limited
  • Power is limited, compared to a high-end milling machine.

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It’s been a long journey. At this point, we believe that you know all about proxxon mf70 review. If you think this machine is truly suitable for your work then go and get it.

No matter you are a beginner or pro, this machine can help you to mill any sort of small workpiece into an art piece. So, don’t let any machine mess up your precious work. Good luck.

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