To maintain a smooth surface and dirt free brick, you need the best brick paint. Painting brick will not only prevent any dust from sticking, but also will make your work easier to keep it clean. Along with that, it will provide further protection by preventing brick from cracking, peeling, mold, etc.

What is the best brick paint? To secure the best brick paint, we would strongly suggest you to get- durable, less-time consuming, easy applicable, fast drying and eco-friendly brick paint. It would ensure protection from any kind of damage happening from outside. Also, enhance the beauty of your home.

best brick paint

Do you want to know about the products’ features? Sure. We are going to discuss it now. With no further due, let’s check out the product features.

What Is Brick Paint?

Bricks are the unit commodity to build an infrastructure. There are various types of bricks available in the markets. Depending on the type of bricks and their compositions we use different types of things to beautify it; brick paints are such a product.

What is brick paint? The paints which are done over the bricks depending on the composition and material of bricks to beautify it can be termed as brick paint.

What Do People Like About Brick Paint?

Generally, all the bricks have the same color, which made people think to change their color composition. And thus, the introduction for the brick paints. 

What do people like about brick paint? Once the brick becomes aesthetically unpleasant painting is a very good option. Besides the brick can be protected from other environmentally degrading materials. Once the brick paint is applied over the bricks it becomes more attractive and the maintenance becomes ease than before.

There are some special advantages of using a brick color over the surface of the brick. Some of them are mentioned and explained below:

  • Attractive Appearance: A layer of color over the surface of the bricks can change the charms of the infrastructure. Besides, it’s a way to express your aesthetic mind through coloring the bricks. 
  • Protective Surface: When brick paint is applied over the bricks it differentiates the outer environmental atmosphere and the inner side of the bricks. And thus, no environmental factors can affect the bricks.
  • Increases Home Value: Application of brick paints creates a great impact on the home value. It creates a positive visualization thought for the house which increases the value of your home.

What Are Some Problems With The Brick Paint?

Despite being one of the most effective inventions of the time, brick paints have some drawbacks. 

What are some problems with the brick paint? Before applying the brick color, it is a must to clean the surface of the bricks. And to clean the surface it needs a lot of hassles. Besides if you’re living in an environment where the temperature high there is a possibility of moisture build. On the other hand, once you used the brick color over the bricks it’s quite impossible to turn the bricks like before (remove of color).

How Long Do Brick Paints Last?

Brick paints are one of the best things to apply over the surface of the bricks to change their color and make them attractive. Now it might come to your mind that if we use brick paint for once how long will it last.

How long do brick paints last? The answer is, if the painted surface is maintained in a proper manner and on a regular interval, then it will last for a long time. Besides, an unpainted brick wall is much harder to maintain than a painted surface brick wall. So, application of brick paints over the brick makes it easy for us to maintain as well.

Best Brick Paint 2021 – Comparison Table

Our team researched best brick paint for the market 2021.

Giani Paint
  • Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 8 inches
  • Color: Whitewash
  • Features: Water-based paint, which covers a hundred square feet in one bucket, and it’s odor-free.
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Rust Oleum Chalked Paint
  • Dimensions: 4.2 x 4.2 x 5 inches
  • Color: Linen White
  • Features: It covers 150 square feet in one bucket and dries very quickly within half an hour.
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Brick Paint General
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.9 inches
  • Color: Holiday Red
  • Features: More than 30 colors are available, and it requires a thin coat on furniture painting and topcoat on metal.
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Montage Signature Paint
  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 11.8 x 14 inches
  • Color: Dove Gray
  • Features: It’s durable and long-lasting with excellent finishing, and different colors also available.
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Rutland Brick Paint
  • Dimensions: 3.4 x 3.4 x 4 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Features: It’s good at painting any metal (brick, aluminum, iron) or application like chimney, stoves, grills, etc.
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Krylon Primer and Paint
  • Dimensions: 2.6 x 2.6 x 8 inches
  • Color: Brick color
  • Features: The dual combination of primer and paint and works on fabric, wood, glass, etc. ceramic as well.
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Rust Oleum Textured Paint
  • Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 8 inches
  • Color: Rustic Umber
  • Features: The well-based mixture provides a protective layer on metal or brick from rust and corrosion.
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Thompsons Multi-Surface Paint
  • Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.7 x 8 inches
  • Color: Clear
  • Features: The coating shield any object from water and whether it means it’s rust-free.
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Spruce Brick Spray Paint
  • Dimensions: 37,288 x 8 inches
  • Color: Red
  • Features: Dries faster, and the tough coating protects from peeling and chipping.
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Rust Oleum Brick Paint Spray
  • Dimensions: 1.4 x 1 x 10.1 inches
  • Color: Burnt Brick
  • Features: It can be mixed with a different color for a stunning look, and it is UV protective.
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Giani Whitewash Paint

Giani Whitewash Paint

With Giani Brick Transformations Whitewashed Kit, you can lighten up any special space in your home and remodeling your traditional fireplace or features of exposed brick.  

Giani Brick Transformations is available with a pint of water-based, acrylic paint. It is free from odor and VOC’s.  Its dimension is 3 x 3 x 8 inches, size 16 fl oz, and weigh 1.55 pound. Its color is whitewash.

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The Brick Transformations Whitewashed Kit contains:

  1. 16 oz. Brick Transformations Whitewash Paint
  2. 3 Giani Ultra Low Lint Wiping Rags
  3. Mixing Container
  4. Plastic Drop Cloth
  5. Painter’s Tape
  6. 2†Paint Brush
  7. Stir Stick
  8. Detailed Written Instructions

Key Features:

  • Uses: Ideal for fireplaces, brick walls, and interior accents; the kit contains everything you need to whitewash a range of brick colors. Each kit has coverage of about 100 square feet of brick, and the painting process is easy.  To create a thin solution, add water to the paint. Then apply the solution onto the brick and wipe each brick as you drive.    
  • Adjustability: Brick coverage may be adjusted by mixing various ratios of water to paint and omitting the wiping rag step. We recommend the following applications:
  • Durability: Whitewashed compliments any decor and requires little prep to get started. Brick Transformations’ densely pigmented formula is specially crafted for the unique characteristics of brick and easily absorbs, creating a durable and lasting color.
What We Liked
  • User-friendly, durable, and flexible.
  • Covers brick stains easily.
  • Easy to use.
  • High quality.
  • Efficient and save time.
What Need Improvement
  • Painter’s tape may not work.

Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint

Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint

Rust-Oleum 285140 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint seems really different and overwhelming if you haven’t used it before, but I promise it’s so easy! It is the perfect paint to use on an already finished piece because you don’t have to strip the old paint.

Rust-Oleum 285140 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint comes in a dimension of 4.2 x 4.2 x 5 inches, and the size is 30oz Can. Besides, weight is 2.5 pounds; color is linen white and water-based material.

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Key Features:

  • Easy distress: Indoor use only since it dries in a more semi-matte, smooth finish, you will find it a lot easier to apply the second coat. You will be able to distress each with sandpaper for a vintage look easily. It will renew your furniture and home decoration with lasting elegance.
  • Uses variety: You could use Rust-Ileum 285140 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint on several of interior surfaces like metal, wood, porcelain, image, and to generate vintage look distress with no trouble.
  • User-friendly: However, this paint’s low-odor, latex formula permits for easy cleanse up with soap & water. It dries in just 30 minutes to the touch. It covers 150 sq ft,; 1-coat coverage will efficiently enable project completion.
What We Liked
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Easy application 
  • Require minimal prep
  • One coat coverage on many surfaces
  • Short dry time
  • Velvety smooth finish
What Need Improvement
  • Limited color selection.

General Milk Paint

general finishes milk paint

General Finishes Milk Paint is a great quality, furniture-grade paint formulated to provide a tough, durable, chip-resistant finish. This paint is a premium interior/exterior mineral based paint named for its low-luster sheen, which mimics the look of old-world furniture paint.

General Finishes delivers this Milk Paint in dimensions of 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.9 inches, size 1 quart, and weight is 2.65 pounds. It is a water-based holiday red color paint.

General Finishes Milk Paint is a superior water-based acrylic paint formulated with Zero VOC color for interior/exterior. It is prominent for its flat, low-luster sheen. You may premix it for your ease; it is now available in 33 colors.

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Key Features:

  • Resistance: The unique formulation dries rapidly, resists blocking, and will sand easily. Milk Paint is UV resistant, suitable for interior and exterior applications, and dries to a satin finish.
  • Ease of Uses: For upcycling or repurposing furniture, you can blend it, lighten it, distress it, glaze it, different layer colors, or antique it – perfectly. You can also intermix our Milk Paints with our Chalk Style Paint. It is adaptable and UV resistant. You may apply it by brush or spray and possesses excellent flow and leveling properties.
  • User-friendly: This high-tech, water-based acrylic paint is almost limitless in color and is easy to repair, durable, and finishing.
What We Liked
  • Durable for furniture and cabinets
  • Easy application 
  • High adhesion
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Short dry time
  • Low luster sheen
  • Easy to apply and durable
What Need Improvement
  • Limited Warranty

Montage Signature Paint

Montage Signature Paint

With Montage Paint You can ensure a better experience for your next paint job because it is formulated as a quality, water-based, eco-friendly paint. This paint applies smoothly and has superior hide and coverage, making a new paint job simple!

You can scrub Montage Paint easily, and it defends against mold and mildew for easy cleaning. It can easily be wiped clean every day without affecting the beautiful color and finish.

This paint is available in the dimension of 11.8 x 11.8 x 14 inches; its color is Dove Gray, size 5- gallon cans. Item weight is 49 pounds.

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Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly Paint: Montage paint is the most environment-friendly affordable, and top of the range option for painting your home or commercial building.
  • Interior and exterior use: for any room, inside or outside your home Montage Paints are perfect. You can use Montage Paints on quite a few indoor and outdoor project surfaces, like walls, ceilings, furniture, wood, metal, plaster, stucco, etc.
  • Ease of Application: Montage Paints apply easily and provide excellent coverage, even as providing the necessary defense against mold and mildew. Montage Paint is scrubbable and will ensure an easy clean-up every time!
What We Liked
  • Extremely versatile
  • Eco-friendly
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Washable
  • Made in USA
  • Superior coverage and protection
What Need Improvement
  • May not represent color displayed on Amazon’s website.

Rutland Products Paint

Rutland Products Paint

Rutland 1200-Degree F Brush-On Flat Stove Paint is available as a spray can or pint-sized pot, it will reinstate the beauty of your old stove or grill or bring a great look to a new project.

This paint comes in a dimension of 3.4 x 3.4 x 4 inches; size is 16 fl oz. It covers 50 sq. ft applied in two coats. The item weight is 1.09 pounds, black color, and flat finish.

Use your paint confidently that will look great for years to come. When it comes to finish and durability, Rutland’s 1200 degree high-temperature stove and grill paint reaches another level.

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Key Features:

  • Resistance: RUTLAND 1200°F Hi-Temp Flat Black Brush-On Paint is specially formulated to resist peeling and blistering in temperatures up to 1200°F. It is one year UV resistance after application.
  • Versatile Usage: This paint is suitable for grills, stoves, smokers, stovepipes, fireplaces, or chimney caps. This paint’s adherence to steel, cast iron, aluminum, brick is good.
  • Endurance: It can endure heat up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit without peeling or blistering.
What We Liked
  • Extremely versatile
  • Weather- and heat-resistant
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Fast drying and color-fast
  • Made in the USA
  • Superior coverage and protection
What Need Improvement
  • Heat cure for three or more layers.

Krylon Primer and Paint

Krylon Primer and Paint

Krylon K08834001 ‘Dual’ Superbond Paint and Primer is a double-action can of spray paint for metal. It functions both as a durable topcoat protective metal spray paint and as a metal primer spray paint. A single coat can both act as a primer, securely bonds to any surface below it, and a topcoat provides a strong, bright color and a durable protective finish.

Krylon K08834001 ‘Dual’ Superbond Paint and Primer comes with a dimension of 2.6 x 2.6 x 8 inches while each size is 12 Ounce. Besides, the item weight is 1 pound.

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Key Features:

  • Versatile Use: This spray paint is fast-drying for metal surfaces. It is also appropriate for other surfaces like wood, metal, ceramic, wicker, masonry, or concrete, but its metallic protective power is significant.
  • Resistance: Krylon K08834001 ‘Dual’ Superbond Paint and Primer has a durable enough finish to protect metal from weathering and corrosion effectively. Sufficient coverage of paint can also provide a high level of rust protection that helps your metal furniture last longer when kept outdoors in any weather condition.
  • Ease of Use: This paint is easy to use and provides strong protection. It is a multipurpose option for spray painting an extensive range of surfaces.
What We Liked
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile
  • Bright colors
  • Paint and primer
  • Easy to apply
What Need Improvement
  • May not dry fast

Rust Oleum Textured Paint

Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Textured Spray Paint is durable spray paint. You will get aclassy finish on your interior/exterior surfaces. You can perfectly use it on various surfaces like swing sets, tool chests, tables, chairs, and more.

This product comes in a dimension of 3 x 3 x 8 inches; size is 12 oz. Item weight is 12 ounces, it is oil-based rustic umber color spray paint.

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Key Features:

  • Easy to use: Rust-Oleum 239122 Multi-Color Textured Spray Paint has the any-angle technology for hard-to-reach areas, even upside down. It included a comfort tip with a wider finger pad that reduces finger fatigue caused by continuous spraying.
  • Textured Finish: You’ll find a color combination that will fit your vision. Makes a unique textured finish creating a high-end appearance. Make a weather-resistant look that lasts longer.
  • Resistance: Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Textured Spray Paint’s oil-based formula will give you an excellent coverage and rust prevention. It is the most rust-preventive paint available. The weather and corrosion-resistant coating of this paint can protect the exterior/interior surfaces such as wood, metal, concrete, and masonry.
What We Liked
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile
  • Multi-Colored textured finish
  • Chip resistance and color retention
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast dry
What Need Improvement
  • Little paint makes it more expensive.

Thompsons Aerosol Multi-Surface

Thompsons Aerosol Multi-Surface

Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer is an excellent clear waterproofing sealer. It can prevent water damage on decks, fences, brick, patios, concrete driveways, and other exterior surfaces. It covers approximately 60 sq. ft. per depending on porosity.

Thompsons 10100 Aerosol Water Seal Multi-Surface Waterproofer comes in dimensions of 2.7 x 2.7 x 8 inches. Item weight is 15.2 ounces. It is clear waterproofer.

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Key Features:

  • Versatile Usages: You can effectively seal any porous material against damage by water with this paint, includes brick, concrete, stone, wood, plaster, and asbestos. Besides, you may use it as an additive or under-seal.
  • Formation: This paint contains no silicones; it contains a number of organic and inorganic substances that are carried by aromatic solvents beneath the surface.
  • Excellent Shield: The coating shield any object from water and whether it means it’s rust-free. It can avert damage caused by water on brick, decks, patios, fences, concrete driveways, and other external surfaces. This paint is an excellent penetrating sealer for concrete hardening and curing.
What We Liked
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile
  • Prevents water damage.
  • Chip resistance and color retention
  • Suitable for small projects
  • Multi-Surface waterproofer
What Need Improvement
  • Awful smell

Spruce General Spray Paint

best brick paints

Spruce General Use Spray Paint is a top-quality spray paint that is economically priced. It gives a tough finish that is long-lasting and also hinders rust. It hides well dries fast and resists chipping and peeling.

Spruce General Use Spray Paint comes in a Dimension of 37,288 x 8 inches. Item Weight is 14.8 pounds, red color.

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Key Features:

  • Uses: You may use on most types of metal & wood. Also, apply on garden equipment, filing cabinets, desks, and tables.
  • Durability: It provides a durable and strong finish and also prevents rust, chip, peel, etc.
  • Flexibility: It dries fast, and the tough coating protects from peeling and chipping. You should apply a wire brush and prime with the Spruce.
What We Liked
  • Versatile
  • Durable and Inhibits Rust.
  • Chip resistance and color retention
  • Suitable for small projects
  • Fast dry and reduced overspray
  • Heat resistant 250 Fahrenheit
  • VOC Compliant
What Need Improvement
  • Some States may prohibit using this paint.

Rust Oleum Brick Paint Spray

Rust Oleum Brick Paint Spray

Rust-Oleum 247129 Concrete Stain Spray paint is an easy to use water-based formula that converts dull concrete into something amazing. This paint can penetrate concrete stain.

Rust-Oleum 247129 Concrete Stain Spray paint comes in dimensions of 1.4 x 1 x 10.1 inches, size is 12 oz. Item weight is 1 pound, and the color is Burnt Brick.

You can apply it like old-fashioned aerosol paint. However, it provides the semi-transparent appearance of a stain.

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Key Features:

  • Easy to Use: This paint is easy to use; you can combine it with other colors of Rust-Oleum Concrete Stain that turns into a new custom look. This paint can be cleaned up with soap and water.
  • Resistant: This paint is UV and weather resistant. It sealers provide resistance to chemical and abrasion. 
  • Uses: You may perfectly use it on small sculptures, accent pieces, concrete, stone, and masonry. It can be mixed with a different color for a stunning look, and it is UV protective.
What We Liked
  • Versatile
  • Durable and Inhibits Rust.
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Semi-transparent color
  • Unique finish
  • Cleans up with soap and water
  • Penetrating
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Mix to a custom look.
What Need Improvement
  • Little coverage area.

Ultimate Buying Guide Of Brick Paint

Before start painting the brick, you must know some common and useful types of paints. Why?

Because what you are going to apply, how long it stays, and the way it gives you the most extraordinary result is essential. 

It can be any of the paint you will get here. It can be outsider new paint that came recently to the market today.

AND when you have a wealth of understanding about quality paint, then there is nothing to lose.

Different Types Of Paints To Choose From A Larger Market

White Wash:

If you are looking for the very low-cost paint that needs to mix up with some kind of powder chalk or slaked lame to prepared for painting. People mostly use it for wall whitening celling.

But you cannot use it everywhere, especially on the outside where can be a rainy place.

It takes a considerably short amount of time to dry after the application. So if every time you want a short period of intense whitening, then it surely might help.

Oil Paint:

Oil Paint designed with titanium white, iron oxide, lithopone, aluminum powder, zinc oxide, etc. The fact here of the oil paint it’s more durable and stain preventer.

This paint is also economical, but the thing you must pay attention to the environment. Before you start using it, I invite you to understand the internal and external weather of your place. So it never harms you.

Enamel Paint:

Enamel is the most common type of paint that you will see everywhere. Its made with petroleum Spirit, Resinous, Zinc white, white lead etc. You will get this paint at a very opaque, glossy and hard finish.

It’s familiar as every stain-resistant and durable paint on the market. You can use it all kinds of the basement, bathroom, walls, window, door, staircase, porch, etc. And the exciting power of this paint you don’t need to think about the weather or temperature at all because it is suitable almost everywhere you want to apply.


You would use the Anti-Corrosive on the metal to get the total protection of degradation. Anti-corrosive designed with Zinc Oxide, Red Lead, Lead Chromate, Zink Dust, etc.

Silicon Paint:

Silicon is a unique type of ELITE paint from all the above and can resist itself.

You wouldn’t face the challenge with ABRASION or CRACKING what so ever. It comparatively used for concrete and steel, and people choose its exterior decoration. The benefits of choosing you will get Silicon at different kinds.


 If you would never hear any of the paint before then, you must obviously hear about the DISTEMPER for sure. It’s mostly familiar with Water-based Paint.

It’s also a cheaper option for so many users who want to save money first. It designed with water, chalk, lime, some different pigments etc. You will get it to PASTE and POWER form and a very short version for the whitewash.


If you think about the TREND, then TEXTURE is becoming more and more popular today. It made with Lace, Ribbon. Metal, coarse grains, etc. The beauty of texture it’s heavily designed for the firm texture of the wall.

You would able to create different styles of the wall that really give you very different looks.


Most commonly, it is known as a “Cold Galvanizing.†It designed with Zinc Powder, Zinc Dust, inorganic and organic binders, and very suitable for steel topcoat and other types of the METALIC surface and FERROUS Metal. That also prevents corrosion risk.


The ingredients of emulsion are Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, and Titanium Oxide, etc. It fundamentally depends on the color you would able to choose. The beauty of the emulsion is it lees toxic and easy to use. You may ask about the water effect. The news is you would almost never face the quality of color effect by the water. Another good thing is you would able to use it on the wood, metal wall, concrete glass, etc. mostly depend on the purpose you need to accomplish.

Others Paints:

Without those paint, you would also see some of the ordinary paints are like Cement, Bituminous, Epoxy, Anti-Condensation, Luminous, and Fluorescent.

Every one of the paint is designed for a specific purpose to accomplish. Noe of the paintable to give you all the advantages, and you must not expect it. SO how do you CHOOSE the best one for your exact purpose?

The best tip for you to go with the paint that firstly meets your budget then considers the color, style, and anything you feel it requires to meet your brick painting criteria.

Considerable Key Elements before Buying the Brick Paint

They are really crucial components everyone must have before buying the brick paint. Because as you know, you can’t change so many times whenever you want. But if you consider the best match, then you don’t need to worry about the paint for a long journey.

Home Style:

Before beginning the brick painting, the first most essential elements to everyone must focus along the Home-style and structure. 

Because over the time people look at it must be quite decent. And you can’t paint anything at your home, whether its interior or exterior. You may there are a whole different type of home, and most commonly, you will see the residential like Single-Family Home, Condominium, Townhouse, Co-op, Multi-Family, etc.

 I don’t know where you live or what kind of paint you already find attractive paint for your home, as that happening considers to match your Home Style anyway to look awesome.

Wall Type:

Most of the time, people forget to understand their wall type. Maybe it because they don’t know how important it is, maybe they just don’t pay attention to it quite well.

But what I request you to check which type of brick wall you are going to paint.

Maybe your home is constructed with Facade Bricks, or maybe its Engineering Brick or Semi-Hollow we don’t know.

But when you are plan to paint you have to match your wall type. And the more you care about this, the longer your paint will stay.

Previous Paint:

If your home is completely new, then now this part is not for you.

But if you are repainting your home, then this another quite essential element to check along. Why?

 Because when you paint the old wall, you must know if you want to change the color or not.

Maybe you want something really classy look; maybe you previously planned to use the best quality. Then the best advice or instruction for you to talk to the expert. So they will instantly guide you with the best paint that you can apply.

Interior or Exterior:

Know the difference between interior and exterior. Some people get confused about this so much. But you must not because now we will tell it to you in a second.

SO the distinction between TWO it quite larger. You cannot use the same paint for both places even, if it’s for the brick. Why?

Because the temperature of the interior and exterior are completely opposite, so you need to become aware of both of them.

When you plan to paint the exterior wall paint, you must consider that suitable there and for interior, choose the interior paint to get your job done perfectly.

Longevity Of The Paint:

Brick paint considered as relatively permanent paint most of the cases. So you don’t need to conscious about it so much but consider how long the warranty you get from the paint brand. Mainly when you are going to choose ONE.

It is obvious that the longer warranty you have, the better for you to serve a more secure way.

Paint Brand:

A poor quality paint always gives you the unfortunate result, get the damage quickly, and kills your investment at the end.

But if you are able to use the high-quality brand at a reasonable price, then it will automatically serve you a long period of time.

It obviously may cost you a little more money, but in the long run, you will get more substantial longevity for sure.

You’re Living Place:

Where you are living, the weather and temperature all are important for the paint. It will make sure how long the paint stays. Because if you are living in the hot weather, you obviously need the opposite paint when your home is in the cooler area.

Not ALL people consider this face except an expert. SO you must highly pay attention to use paint that designed to meet all the criteria you have imagined before and understand where you live

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to clean brick before painting?

As with any surface, it’s essential that you clean out the bricks before painting. To do so, you can use a wire brush and soapy water. That’ll remove any dirt or debris. But most importantly, it’ll clear out the efflorescence.

How long does brick need to dry before painting?

For brand new bricks, you should wait at least a year before you even paint them. But for regular dried bricks, 24 hours should be more than enough to get properly dried.

What kind of paint works best on brick?

For any kind of brick, whether it’s interior or exterior, we’d suggest using semi-gloss or gloss paint. This type of paint will bring out the details of the brick and give a nice look to the structure.

Is painted brick high maintenance?

We can’t really say that it’s high maintenance but yes, they will need care every once in a while. There will be chipped areas and you’ll need to put another coat sometimes. But it’s not high maintenance.

Wrapping Up

So, these are all you should keep in mind before making a choice. Get the best brick paint to ensure the quality of your product. We hope you have found this article helpful, and get your desired product. Thank you!

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