Yes, we get it, who doesn’t love to experiment? Or perhaps you’re in short of tools and you’re wondering if you could cut wood with a tile saw.

Well, tile saws have circular sharp blades that can go through basically anything. Moreover, you can use them as a normal saw, right? But wait, let me tell you something.

You’ll never be sure if you’re using a tile saw the right way. Plus, you could damage the wood if you don’t know how to use them properly.

Can You Use A Tile Saw to Cut Wood

So, can you use a tile saw to cut wood?

Yes, you can use a tile saw to cut a piece of wood. But, hear me out. You’ll need a proper guideline and a lot of precautions to do it the right way.

Well, you’re in luck as we’ve compiled a whole guide for you on this matter. And, we’ll even show you how to use the saw to cut wood and tile.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

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Tile Saw VS Table Saw (Which One is Best for Cutting Wood)

There’s a reason why people favor table saw to cut wood than using tile saws. Moreover, if you’re on a budget, you’ll go for table saws. This is because they’re affordable and can be used for many things.

But, don’t underestimate the tile saw. In fact, this wonderful machine has the power to demolish anything. And here’s where things get a bit tricky. The power and kickback of the tile saw can cause a lot of havoc.

Table Saw

Yes, table saws are one of the best tools that are considered for wood cutting. Many even consider table saws as wood saw. Let’s look at the reasons why people love this tool so much:

—  Uniform Accuracy

You heard me right, the table saws have the best accuracy. But, how can you maintain the best accuracy with a table saw?

Well, you can adjust the table saws as much as you want. In fact, you can also hold them at different angles when cutting woods. As a result, you’ll form accurate cuts with this tool.

Moreover, this lightweight tool doesn’t need much adjustment. So, if you want, you can go for straight or circular cuts with this tool.

—  Precise Angled Cuts

Compared to the tile saws, you can provide a better angle in cutting the wood with this tool. Unlike band saws, you can move this tool at any angle and in any direction.

Moreover, in tile saws, you don’t have much freedom and space to move your tool as you work. But, with this tool, you can move and operate it to any position.

Also, the cuts you’ll make using this tool will be precise. So, you can use this on any type of wood.

—  Adjustment Of Blade

Yes, you heard me right. The blades of this tool can be adjusted easily. Moreover, you can even set the depth you want. By now, you’ll also know you can set the angles of the blade in any direction you want.

But, how do you do it?

You can just crank the sides and set the depth of the blades. After this, you’ll need to lock the blade in its position. And yes, that’ll be enough.

—  Additional Accessories

The table saw even lets you attach different accessories to it. This makes the working experience satisfying. But, it’s not only about satisfaction. This attachment makes a better functionality of the table saws.

And these are the reasons for and benefits of using a table saw for cutting wood.

Tile Saw

You can consider a tile saw to be a wood and tile cutter. Moreover, this powerful tool can cut anything. However, the utmost power causes doubt in people’s minds. Here are some things that happen when you use them to cut woods:

—  Fast Uneven Cuts

A powerful tool means that it’ll do your work faster compared to other tools. But wait, just because it cuts the woods faster, doesn’t mean those cuts are pleasing.

I mean, if you don’t get precision in your work, it’ll cause a bit of dissatisfaction. Turns out, even though the tile saws cut wood faster, they don’t maintain uniform cuts.

In fact, the cuts of wood are of uneven size. This is why people face problems with this tool.

—  Kickback

A tool that has a lot of power will definitely even have a more powerful kickback. So, what’s a kickback?

Well, it’s basically the force that is implied by the tool on the opposite surface. And yes, the kickback of the tile saws is way more powerful than you can imagine.

On the other hand, when you’ll use a tile saw on wood, the kickback will be more powerful. This is because the surface of the woods is lighter than a metal’s surface.

—  Inconsistency

Yes, this is another drawback of using a tile saw. Tile saws are not always consistent. The cuts that you’ll get by using them on woods will be fast but not consistent.

And yes, it’s essential that you get uniform and consistent cuts throughout the whole time.

How to Use a Tile Saw for Cutting Wood?

By now, you’ll know the reasons why people prefer table saws to cut wood. But wait, if you don’t have any other option, you can go for cutting wood with a tile saw.

Even though we don’t recommend it personally, it’s possible to cut wood with a tile saw. Also, you’ll need to understand that these metal blades can cut through anything. And wood being lighter surface means that it would be possible to cut it as well.

But, you’ll need a proper plan and some guidelines to cut wood with a tile saw. Well, don’t worry as we’ve prepared a complete guideline for you. So, let’s not waste time and jump right in.


The tools that are needed for this job are affordable and available. Let’s take a look at them:


After you’re done making preparations and managing the tools for the job, let’s go with the process:

Step 1: Prepare Area

Yes, you heard me right. The area needs to be prepared before you start working. So, measure the parts you want to cut and clean.

Step 2: Prepare The Tile Saw

It’s essential that you have all the things ready. This means to ensure the connection of the extension cables to the saw and fill the water reservoir.

Make sure that the drip loop is present and is lower than the outlet. At times people complain that – why does my circular saw keep stopping?

This happens because water drips to the electrical outlets and cuts the connection. As a result, the blades stop working. Also, it’s dangerous to work around both water and electricity so take this safety precaution.

Step 3: Clamp The Wood

Putting clamps on both sides of the wood is the most essential thing. In fact, it’ll stop the wood from jumping out when you’re working.

Step 4: Cut The Wood

Be really careful when you’re cutting the wood. Make sure you’re following a line and you have your safety gear on.

Also, remember to go slow as this machine can jump off anytime.

Things To Consider

There’s a lot that you should consider when using a tile saw to cut woods. It’s essential that you avoid this option always. You can still use it if you have no choice left. But, here are the things that you should consider while using a tile saw:

— Dangers

There are a lot of dangers when using a tool that’s not meant to be used on wood. There’s a reason why this tool was made. And that was to use on metals.

Also, the light surface of the wood will make this tool jump off your hand at any time. And, will a tile saw blade cut you?

Yes, it can cut you any time if you have no control over it. So, you’ll need to always wear protective gear around this tool.

—  Too Much RPM

The tool has a lot of RPM in it. But, this is what makes the tool powerful. The tool cuts through metal easily due to this RPM.

However, you’ll also need to realize that this is what makes the tool dangerous as well. The power of the tool can make it get out of control at any time. As a result, it can be really dangerous if not handled with proper care.

— Damage Of Wood

The circular saw inside the tile saws can demolish anything in front of them. But this is where things get complicated.

The tile saws aren’t made for wood. And this is why they can damage the woods as well. If you can’t handle it properly, you’ll cut more wood than you’re supposed to.

Also, it can damage the surface as well. Normally, if handled with proper care, it doesn’t damage the wood. But, is it worth the risk? Only you can decide on that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you cut with a tile saw?

Tile saws can cut anything. But it’s better if you use them on metals only.

Can you use a concrete saw to cut wood?

Well, these saws have harsh blades that are used on concrete and stones. If you use them in the woods then it wouldn’t be a good choice.

Wrapping UP

That’s all we have for you in this article. In the end, we’d like to say that you can handle anything with proper care and guidelines. And in this article, we tried to share everything on this matter of cutting wood with a tile cutter.

So, can you use a tile saw to cut wood? Only you can decide on that. And now, you can also work on that based on our guidelines in this article. Good luck and be careful.

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