I’ve had my Laguna Fusion table saw for about 18 months now and it has become the centerpiece of my workshop.  Already a drastic upgrade from my box-store collapsible saw, the Laguna Fusion (and the 52-inch extension kit) retails for $1449.00.  I took advantage of a 10% seasonal discount at my local Woodcraft and saved a few dollars, but when a hobbyist upgrades to a machine of that price, 10% doesn’t help with the sting.

I choose the Laguna Fusion because its features were compared with the other big-name table saws at about half the price.  I was looking for a saw that would not only increase my cut quality but one that would establish my operation as a legit and respectable woodshop.

Looks & Unboxing

This clean, sleek, and quiet saw was a perfect match. You have to assemble the Laguna Fusion once delivered by commercial freight.  The company has a great step-by-step online video guide that walks you through the whole process, from unboxing to routine maintenance.  Despite the size, weight, and overall magnitude of assembling a 52-inch table saw, it was very manageable, taking no more than 2 hours (I had a vasectomy the day prior, you can do it!).

This saw is a cabinet saw and as the name suggests it comes with higher-end features: 1 ¾ horsepower motor, internal dust collection, a 4-inch dust port, all-metal components, beefy handles and knobs, and a stout rip fence that needed no adjustments. 

The power switch has a protective cover that allows the user to hit the off switch with their hip to shut the saw down. The saw also comes with two wheels in the cabinet base for “movement” (you can’t really move a 52-inch table saw on two tiny wheels).  This saw is rigid, sturdy, and full of quality features.

My formal complaint with the saw came from Laguna themselves.  I ordered the saw in early June and waited until late July to call their California offices looking for my purchase. 

Because I had ordered the saw through my local Woodcraft and not direct through Laguna (10% discount remember?), I did not have a purchase order number for them to look up my saw’s whereabouts.  After a few progressively irritated phone calls, the sales manager gave me updated shipping info and a free zero-clearance plate for my troubles.  The saw finally arrived in early August.


I have had zero issues with this saw in the past 18 months.  It cuts like a dream and has exceeded all of my expectations. I treat the cast iron every 4 months or so with a mineral oil and beeswax polish just to keep everything smooth and the moisture out and I clear out the dust after every project.

 With basic maintenance, I’m convinced this saw can provide a lifetime of clean, straight cuts and it can continue to be the centerpiece of any professional woodshop.

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