Portable mill plays a vital role for cutting the lumbers in deep forest regions where high quality of lumbers are available. A portable mill consists of a hook system which can attach the timbers tight while functioning. A best portable sawmill ensures proper measurement cut and smooth function which helps to manage the device comfortably.

How to dry fresh cut lumber? We can dry fresh cut lumber by removing the moisture from the lumber. And we can do that by checking the moisture, making layout of stick for the stack of woods, stacking the first layer of wood and preparation of shedding.

Now, let’s dive in to have a look that how to dry your fresh cut lumber.

how to dry fresh cut lumber

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How To Dry Your Fresh Cut Lumber?

We can cut the lumbers into our required sizes according to our will with the help if a portable saw mill. Steps that should be followed to dry your fresh cut are mentioned below:

Step 1- Check The Moisture:

It accomplishes this task we will need the help of a moisture meter. If the moisture meter reading is above the 6 or 7 then we have to understand that the timber is not ready for the any kind of wood work, it has to be dried up first.

Step 2- Making The Layout Of Stick:

We need to make a layout of stick for stacking the woods over it. It will allow the air to pass between the layers of stack of lumber.

Step 3- Stacking The Timber:

In this step we need to stack the lumber over one another and keep a gap between them with the help of stick lay out. This will allow the moisture to pass between and dry up of the lumber.

Step 4- Shed’s Preparation:

We need to ensure a shed over the stacking of the lumber so that the environmental factors, which increases the moisture do not affect the process of drying the lumber.

Wrapping Up

Thus, from the description we came up to know about the way that how to dry fresh cut lumber. Drying a lumber in a proper way will ensure the firmness of the lumber. Have a nice day for the task!

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