Pressure treated woods are used for many purposes. It is being sprayed or mixed with the chemical composition such as copper to get rid of the insect attack and to increase the durability of the wood. After the application of the pesticide drying being done and finally after drying, we can join them complete the construction with the help of deck screw. A best deck screw ensures the proper attachment of the lumbers with one another at the time of construction.

How to dry pressure treated wood? We can Dry the pressure treated wood naturally. To dry the pressure treated wood naturally we need to follow the steps, they are, preparation of layout of sticks , stacking the pressure treated wood and warping.

how to dry pressure treated wood

What Are The Ways To Dry The Pressure Treated Wood?

Drying woods naturally is the best way to dry the pressure treated wood. It allows the wood to adopt ideal moisture of the wood which is suitable for that environment. This process might take several days according to the climate condition you are living in but the outcome will be fruitful. Some of the steps that needs to follow while drying the pressure treated wood are mentioned below:

Step 1. Layout Of Sticks:

Firstly, we need to create a layout with strong sticks parallelly. This will ensure the pressure treated wood not to touch the ground and allow the air to flow through.

Step 2. Stacking The Pressure Treated Wood:

Secondly, we need to stack the pressure treated wood over the layout of the stick and put another parallel layout of thick stick (similar like before). In this way we will have to complete the stacking the woods one layer after another allowing them to put a gap between them.

Step 3. Warping:

Finally, we need to warp the whole stacking so that the environmental moisture factors cannot do any harm to the pressure treated wood. There should be holes on the warping so that the vaporize moisture from the wood could pass the waring. And in this way, we need to keep them for 2 to 3 weeks. After that we will have to check the moisture of the wood, if needed we will have to allow them to stay for some more days.


We hope that our ideal advices are able to make you understand that How to dry pressure treated wood. Hoping for the best for your task good luck!

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