Lumbers are needed for a variety of projects. Starting from using them as firewood to making furniture, this material is high in demand. And, lumbers can be easily made by anyone out of any logs.

How to turn a log into lumber by hand to? First, using a mallet and wooden gluts, rive off sections on your log. After this, start sawing each section by firmly holding each one. Then, your good to go!

How to turn a log into lumber by hand to

Let’s know about it in details about mill your own lumbers from the following steps-

How To Mill Your Own Lumber?

As we’ve mentioned before, lumbers are used in a wide range of projects. It might seem surprising to some that you can mill your own lumbers out of logs very easily! Be it for DIY projects or wood for your fireplace, milling your own lumbers is quite easy and fun to do.

How to mill your own lumber? You can mill your own lumber by cutting logs into lumber, drying them, and leveling the lumber. Though a bit time consuming, these processes are quite easy to do.

Let’s get to know about the process precisely from the following steps-

Step 1- Mark and Cut the Logs:

You can use an axe, splitting wedges or hydraulic wood splitter for this process. You can also use the best portable sawmill of your choice. Now decide and mark the required sections you want to cut the log into.

After this, split the logs. For bigger logs, it’s recommended that you cut them in two passes.

Step 2- Dry the Lumbers:

Now it’s time to dry your lumber. The process is the same irrespective of how you mill your lumber. You’ll need 1/2”-thick strips of scrap lumber and something to promote air circulation like a household fan.

Now, stack the previously cut lumbers with the scrap lumber between each one and ensure airflow. The process will proceed faster if the environment is warm enough.

Step 3- Make the Lumber Flat:

The 3rd step is quite fun. It’s jointing and planing. This step should be done after the lumbers have dried properly.

Through using jointer and planter, make your lumbers flat. This will help you to get an even surface to work on. And now, you’re done!

Wrapping Up

This article tried to cover topics related to the ways of turning log into lumber at home or by own self. Though sounds intimidating, these activities are quite easy to do.

With the right sense of proportion, planning, equipment, and patience, by following this article you can easily turn logs into lumber and can mill your own lumbers with a cheaper cost.

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