By now, you’ll know the uses of epoxy resin in every profession. And, you might’ve noticed about the different types of epoxy resin on these professions. So, if you want to know more about the types of epoxy resin, we’ll help you.

types of epoxy resin

That said, let’s take a look at the different types of epoxy resin-

Bisphenol Resins

The type of epoxy resins is mainly used in different industries and is known as the commercial epoxy resins. This variety has a low molecular weight as well.

Aliphatic Resins

This variety is made with an epoxidation of a double bond. The epoxides featured here have one or more aliphatic rings. This makes them have a great weather resistance and a lower level of viscosity.

Novalac Resins

Contact reaction between methanol and phenol creates this type of resins. This variety doesn’t contain any volatile compound and it doesn’t have VOCs as well. Hence, they’re sade and easy to use.

Moreover, they have high adhesive strength too. Furthermore, they have a great amount of durability and protection.

Halogenated Resins

This type of resins is great for electrical appliances because they have high flame resistance. But, their product is limited as they have a high cost.

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