Planning to pave over a concrete driveway? But are you sure whether you can do it or not? Worry not more and read below to be ensured about it!

Yes, you can pave over a concrete driveway. For its stability and durability, concrete is a very good material as a base.

can you pave over a concrete driveway

Let’s know in-depth facts about this topic down below-

How To Lay Paving Slabs Over Concrete?

Laying paving slabs over concrete is a simple task that can be done by anyone. With some important tools such as a concrete cutter, concrete caulk, and the right steps, you can easily lay paving slabs over your concrete base.

You can easily lay paving slabs over concrete after prepping the surface, pouring mortar mix over it, and finally sticking the slabs with it. These require simple tools and not much energy is wasted.

Let’s know the process elaborately from the following steps-

Step 1- Prep The Concrete Base:

The first step is to prepare the concrete base where you’ll lay the paving slabs. Make sure the surface is always clean before working on it.

Make your base clean and dirt free. If you use water for this process, make sure the concrete is dry before you lay the slabs.

Step 2- Prep The Paving Slabs:

Place the slabs on the surface and mark where you want to place them. This will help you to achieve a neat result.

Now, prime the slabs using a priming product. This will help them to stick with the base.

Step 3- Lay The Slabs:

Before this step, make sure to prepare your mortar mix of choice. Now, pour this mix on the concrete base and make sure the layer is about 30 mm thick.

After this, smoothen the mortar mix. Finally, lay the paving slabs leaving a gap of at least 10 mm between each one.

Step 4- Filling Gaps In Between The Slabs:

After step 3 is done, it’s time to fill up the 10 mm space between each slab. For this, use the same mortar mix.

After this, let the whole thing set for a day and then you’re good to go!

How To Lay Paving Stones Over Concrete?

Looking for how to lay paving stones over concrete? Then you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading below and get to know about all the things on how to lay paving stones over concrete.

After cleaning and pouring mortar mix on the concrete surface, you can lay paving stones over it. But before permanently placing the stones, make sure the positions are well-planned.

Let’s learn the process step by step down below-

Step 1- Prepare The Concrete Base or Surface:

The first step of such projects is to always prep and clean the base or surface. Make sure your concrete base is dirt free and dry.

Never work on a dirty and wet surface. If water is used for cleaning, make sure it’s dry before you move on to the next step.

Step 2- Marking The Positions:

Place the paving stones of your choice and mark the positions where you want them to be. If needed, cut off any extra portion from the stones in this step.

If you’re marking the positions after cleaning the surface, make sure the stones are clean too.

Step 3- Pouring Mortar Mix and Laying The Stones:

Now, prepare the mortar mix of your choice and pour it on the concrete. Leaving a minimum gap of like 10 mm between each stone, place them over the mix.

After that, pour the mortar mix between the gaps and let it set for 24 hours. After a day, using the masonry cleaner of your choice and following the package instructions, you can polish the stones and the task will be done!

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Wrapping Up

Laying paving slabs or stones over concrete are simple tasks. Proper guidance regarding these projects will help you to do them by yourselves and will save money.

Hope this article on can you pave over a concrete driveway will come handy when you’ll engage in simple DIY projects related to concrete.

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